Marvel Universe LIVE!

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Ever walk out of a movie and find yourself reciting your favorite lines or performing some of the signature moves? Well, be prepared to do cartwheels and fight evil after an evening with our favorite super heroes at Marvel Universe LIVE Ages of Heroes!

When you’re attending a family event, the energy usually begins in the parking lot. Hundreds of parents and kids walking toward the arena, some in full fledged super hero costumes or donning a t-shirt with their favorite super hero blasted across their chests. Walking tall and proud, the tiny humans are united with their crime fighting allies and are ready to take on the bad guys. 

Enter the arena downstairs behind the stairs next to Will Call through the Plaza Club Entrance. Here, you will be greeted by photo booth stands featuring a different Marvel super hero in front of a green screen. Make sure to leave ample time for parking (event parking at arena is $20), walking, getting tickets, security checks and more walking. Some families packed small backpacks with snacks and sippy cups. The show is split into two halves – about 45 minutes each and a 15 minute intermission in between. As you walk through the arena to find your section, be prepared for your kids to glare at the concession stands carrying spinning toys that lights up and snow cones in a super hero shaped head. The Marvel stands also carries plush toys, apparel, popcorn and cotton candy – making it almost impossible for them to walk by in silence.

On the other hand, the kids voluntarily played the quiet game as they intently enjoyed the show and roared when the super heroes made their entrance. Claps and cheers filled the arena with every crime fighting scene and the amazing live stunts performed by the brave souls behind the masks.

The show displayed a variety of talents – graceful acrobat twirling, fire spinning dances, and track bike tricks! A lot of “oouus” and “aaahhs” echoed the arena in response to the amazing sound and stage effects, loud fireworks and real live fire!

The Marvel Universe LIVE event is suitable for all ages! The kids enjoyed the event immensely and immediately wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. The girls shared their favorite parts of the show during the drive home as they covered their eyes with their superhero sweatshirts. I didn’t share this with them, but my favorite part of the show was when the girls thanked me for bringing them to the show before it even started!

Pictures courtesy of our guest writer, Jennie

Check out the show! 

Oracle Arena, August 11-13th

SAP Center at San Jose, August 17-20th


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