Paw Patrol Live!

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Paw Patrol LiveThis weekend, Paw Patrol took over the Orpheum Theater for a live action show full of singing, dancing, and exciting adventures as Ryder and the pups competed in the Great Adventure Bay Race against Mayor Humdinger.

My husband and I took our three- and four-year-olds to the show, and it did not disappoint. The show did a great job of including the audience in the fun with lots of opportunities to cheer, shake the pompoms they handed out pre-show, and stand up to dance at the end. All of the characters from the show make an appearance – even Wally the Walrus! The actors cleverly controlled their pups, giving them expressions, making them dance around and even driving their Paw Patrollers. I have to say, my husband and I were pretty impressed by the performances of Mayor Goodway and Mayor Humdinger. Their voices were spot on to the voiceovers in the cartoon, and they hammed up their roles exactly as they should.

Paw Patrol products are sold in the lobby and on every level, so your kids will definitely notice the cute stuffed animals, flashing scepters and spinners, and everything in between. My son was desperate for a Paw Patrol-anything, but since the kids have been on a bender of spoils from the grandparents, birthday party favors, and new clothes and shoes (because they’re growing like weeds), we had to say, “No,” to the flashy bling.  There were plenty of kids rolling into the theater with their loot, so the choice is yours. Just be prepared with your answer before you go.

The 85-minute show includes a 15-minute intermission and kept our little one’s attention for the whole time. We were going to Uber to the show (because these amazing travel vests make hopping around town so easy), but we ended up driving ourselves. We went to the Sunday morning show and street parking around the theater was easy, even with the farmer’s market happening right behind the building. If you’re BARTing in, get off at the Civic Center stop, and you’ll basically fall into the doors of the theater.

The Orpheum opened 45-minutes before the show and the theater opened 30-minutes before. (The farmer’s market is a perfect way to kill a little time and energy before entering the show.) There’s something really special about being able to bring the kids into such a beautiful, ornate theater at such a young age. I’ve always loved plays and musicals, so dipping their toe into the experience with a totally relatable, lively show was a treat!

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