Celebrating Shark Week with the Kids

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It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! 

Usually, my husband and I just enjoy Shark Week with a little wine and relaxation after the kids go to bed. But this year, I thought it would be fun to include the kids. Now, I still won’t let them watch the scary shows about shark attacks, but how about using this as an excuse to teach the kids about sharks and how they are such amazing creatures?

Here are our top picks to get the kids just as excited as you are about Shark Week!

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National Geographic Readers: Sharks! 

This is for your level 2 readers and is filled with cool facts and amazing pictures!

Sharks Sticker Activity Book 

My son LOVES this book. It has over 1000 stickers and has fun preschool-aged activities just for my young learner. Learning together is the perfect mommy and me activity.

Shark Sensory Bottle- from Stir the Wonder

You’ll need a clear bottle, blue glitter glue, blue glitter, water, and a foam shark!  EASY!

Shark Bite Game

This game is a ton of fun!  My 4yr loves playing. You go fishing for fish in the shark’s mouth, but be careful- SNAP- he may bite you!

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Hark! A Shark! A Cat in the Hat Book

Who doesn’t love The Cat in the Hat and all his rhythms? These books are always so fun to read and full of great facts!

Jello Shark Snacks from ArtsyMomma.com


You’ll need berry blue jello, whipped cream, gummy sharks, and water!

Shark Week Crafts from HeyLetsMakeStuff.com

Crafts using clothespins, toilet paper rolls, plates, bags, you name it.  They have any amazing list of easy shark crafts you can enjoy with your little one!

So grab your kids and get excited!  It’s Shark Week! 

Check out the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Schedule Here! 

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