2021 Bloom Recap: Event for New and Expecting Moms


Our 5th annual and first-ever virtual Bloom event was yet another AMAZING success this year! We couldn’t be happier that we got to celebrate all things motherhood with so many new and expecting moms. The world of pregnancy and babies changes fast, and we are proud to be able to connect you with the very best businesses, products, and services that are geared toward making your life easier, keeping your baby safe, and helping everyone get some sleep!

Plus, many of the Bloom attendees walked away with a coveted prize from our giveaway pool worth over $8,000 — not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon!

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Check out this short video for a glimpse of the day and scroll below to see all of the sponsors and expert panelists that made the event possible.

Find out more about our amazing Bloom partners and our top picks for everything pregnancy & baby on our Newborn & Pregnancy Guide!

TITLE Sponsor

Hi BLOOM Families!  REDYPER Powered By EarthBaby is proud to offer a FREE sign up trial to those families who are interested in composting their diapers and keeping their babies diapers out of landfills.  A diaper is the 3rd most common thing found in US landfills where they will stay for 500 years.  And it doesn’t matter what type of diaper you use.  All diapers will end up in landfills for 500 years, even the compostable ones.  They MUST be composted at 150 degrees for 14 weeks in an industrial facility to fully breakdown and ensure that the resold soil is safe for reforestation and landscaping projects.

USE CODE: ‘BLOOM’ on www.earth-baby.com and receive 1 pack of compostable diapers, 1 pack of compostable wipes, and 4 weeks of EarthBaby delivery, pick up, and compost service for FREE with your first order! 

No contract, subscription, or obligation necessary.  We simply want families to try out our amazing diapers and service to see how easy saving the environment 1 diaper at a time truly is.  Also you don’t have to leave the house for diapers anymore!  Not only will your family be diverting 5,500 diapers from landfills, but since our plant-based diapers are breathable, they are better for your baby’s bum preventing skin irritations and diaper rash.  If baby is already at home you can start anytime.  If you are still expecting, we suggest signing up now and receiving your first diapering supplies at least 2 weeks before your little one’s due date.  This way you are all set and ready once baby arrives.  We will only begin your service once baby is at home and your family is ready.

Do your part to end diaper pollution so that our kids inherit a healthy planet! 

BLOOM Sponsors

Get to know each of these amazing BLOOM partners during our event. Each business offers something wonderful for San Francisco Bay Area moms or moms-to-be and we are pleased to have these great brands join us!

Expert Panel

We will have a panel of experts on hand to run live workshops and answer all of your pregnancy and baby-related questions!

Giveaway Sponsors

What’s a San Francisco Bay Area Moms event without giveaways? As always, we have brought a number of awesome giveaways to you from our giveaway sponsors. Your Eventbrite ticket order no. serves as your giveaway raffle ticket no., so keep it handy and good luck!

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If you would like to show your support, please consider giving a token of appreciation to keep us going during these unprecedented times. For every $10 received, we will donate $1 to Safe and Sound.

Disclaimer: Photos and video recordings will be taken at the virtual event. By registering an event ticket, attendees grant permission for their likenesses to be used on the website and on social media by San Francisco Bay Area Moms and sponsors.


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