Little Bears Music Classes Foster a Love of Music Across SF

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music class for toddlers in san francisco

My daughter absolutely LOVES music. Since her infancy, she’s been dancing, banging on the piano, and strumming her ukulele while attempting to add vocals. We attend music classes whenever we can, and we recently began coming to the Little Bears music class for toddlers at the Blue Bear School of Music.

We adore this perfect little school! Little Bears is play-based and highly interactive. The class focuses on training children to be attuned to musical changes, basic rhythms, sound levels, and song memory. Toddlers gain exposure and become familiar with various instruments, such as piano, ukulele, guitar, drums, and more! In other words, a dream come true for my budding musician!

Some background on the school: The Blue Bear School of Music is a nonprofit organization that has provided music education for more than 35,000 adults, kids, and teens since 1971. The Little Bears class that we attend began 10 years ago and now exists in 5 sites Citywide. They also have one in Mill Valley at Sweetwater Music Hall, and exist at outreach program partner sites.

toddler music class in san francisco

Recently, philanthropic support allowed Blue Bear to grow at schools and community centers across the city and increase the number of children they teach by 25 percent. This special school does not skip over a chance to give back. Their community outreach programs deliver music education to some of San Francisco’s most historically underserved neighborhoods, including Glide Memorial Church, Bayview YMCA, Tenderloin Recreation Center, SF Main Library Teen Center, and St. Joseph’s Family Shelter.

I definitely want to follow my toddler’s obvious fascination with music and start her on music lessons when she grows. Little Bears provides a wonderful introduction. My daughter loves making music, and I also know that playing a musical instrument benefits logical learning centers of the brain, such as math and critical thinking. On top of familiarity with music and instruments, toddlers also get a chance to socialize and interact with other children, honing their listening and group learning skills. I would definitely recommend the Little Bears class and the other classes that Blue Bear School of Music provides in our community.

Little Bears is offering an Early Bird discount until November 30 for their Winter 2018 term (which begins the week of January 15th). Don’t miss out on the fun. Save your spot now!


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