Help a Local Child in Need Get a Pair of New Shoes for School


My New Red Shoes non profit organization

I’ve had four boxes of shoes from delivered over the last five days. We’re in Back to School mode, and my kids need new shoes for the start of the school year. Their old one are either getting holes in the soles and toes or simply no longer fit.  I ordered several different styles in different sizes to see what worked, and we kept three of the six pairs. 

My kids were very excited about their shoes, but they also take these new items for granted. They simply expect to get new things when their old stuff wears out. So just as they were about to fling their new shoes across the room and get back to playing, we talked about the fact that not every kid can get a new pair of shoes and what that means. Then, we made a donation to My New Red Shoes.  

My New Red Shoes provides new shoes and clothing to Bay Area children in need. Having these items boosts children’s self esteem and confidence, provides a sense of normalcy, increases their school attendance, engagement and readiness, and improves the overall educational experience and quality of life for our community’s poorest students.

For children who are feeling disconnected, our gift is a reminder that we see them and that they belong to a community that cares.

San Francisco Moms Blog partnered with this organization three years ago to create a holiday wish list for local children, and with Back to School prep in full swing, I thought it was important to spread the word again about My New Red Shoes. While you’re on the computer ordering your children new gear for school, please consider making a donation to My New Red Shoes. Your contribution will give another child the chance to show up on the first day of school in their very own paire of new shoes. 

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