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Building Resilience for the Ups and Downs of Parenting

Parenting is HARD - We can help! Come join us for an intimate in-person event hosted by GetzWell Pediatrics. We understand that parenting can be...

Intentions for 2024

As February approaches, the buzz of the holidays is no longer in the air. The last decorations have been stored away, and the silence...

A Parent’s Guide to Reflection on Our Children

My 9-year-old son is a big reminder of how important it is to have healthy self-talk, exercise healthy boundaries, exercise self-love, and manifest my...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pinkwashing

October, known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is when the world is awash in shades of pink, symbolizing support for breast cancer patients, survivors,...

Digital Device Role Model

Editor's Note: The California Partners Project conducted a statewide listening tour with California mothers, parents, and caregivers to understand how they navigated the integration of technology and...
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