Tag: Baking

Brownie Bites :: The Perfect Sweet for Super Bowl!

These brownies are everything you want – rich, chewy, chocolatey with a crisp top. Plus, they are fairly easy to make, and the kids...

Baking Fun with the Kids!

Need something to do this summer with your kids? How about baking! Immediately, you are probably thinking about flour exploding into the air and...

The Joy of Cooking and Being a New Mom

I love to cook. I love to bake. If there’s a bake sale at work, I am participating. I plan my Thanksgiving menu around...

An Easy Valentine’s Sweet- Chocolate Heart Cookies

With Valentine's Day on Sunday, I wanted to make something fun with the kids. My two toddlers were able to help add ingredients, roll...

Say Yes to the Mess (at least sometimes!)

It was a Saturday morning in early December. My husband was out of town and my mom had volunteered to babysit so I could...
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