The Richmond: A Guide to San Francisco Neighborhoods

the richmond neighborhood guide san francisco
The Richmond covers a large area in the northwest part of the city, and you’ll hear locals distinguish between Inner, Central, and Outer Richmond, as well as other enclaves like the Lake District, Sea Cliff, Little Russia, and Balboa Hollow. Many single-family homes are undergoing renovation in around the area, as older generations move out and new families move in. It’s a good mix of born and raised San Franciscans and transplants, some of whom we polled to find out what makes this neighborhood a good fit for their families. 

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Why Moms Love It 

The Richmond is a well-known family friendly neighborhood with easy access to parks (including the big ones – Golden Gate Park and The Presidio). It’s full of young families and a smattering of college students from the University of San Francisco. 

Local Family Favorites

Clement Street Farmer’s Market 
Sunday mornings come here to shop for everything on your grocery list (even the meat and eggs), find fantastic produce, breakfast foods, and live music, which is always a huge hit with the kids. 
On weekdays, you’ll see a mix of parents and nannies on the playground with their kids, soccer classes being taught on the fields, and friends playing tennis on the nearby courts. On the weekends, look for parents drinking mimosas in the stands at their kids’ little league games and birthday parties at the playground picnic tables. The indoor pool here is about to go through a major renovation. 
This newly renovated park is nestled on the south-central edge of the Presidio will keep kids of all ages entertained. 
Multiple entry points to the northern part of the park make it easy to access the park from this neighborhood. Insider tip: For easy parking for the California Academy of Sciences or DeYoung Museum, enter the parking garage at 10th Avenue. It’ll take you underneath the park for easy elevator access to the museum concourse. 
This small playground in the Outer Richmond is close to Golden Gate Park and a popular place for local daycares and schools to visit during the day.
The Sutro Baths was a large public swimming pool at the turn of the century. What’s left of it makes a fun day of exploring among picture-perfect scenery. Stop at the Cliff House for lunch or continue your hike on the Lands End trail. Wide trails with moderate inclines make it easy for little legs to walk.
This health facility and community hub offers programs for all ages, from infants to seniors, all focused on making an impact every day in the lives of everyone who comes through our doors. 
Join prenatal and Mommy + Baby classes at this popular yoga studio or make time for yourself in one of the many adult classes they offer.
An indoor playhouse in Central Richmond that’s perfect for burning off the kids’ energy on rainy days.
Clement St, Geary Blvd, and Balboa St are main corridors full of shops and restaurants, some of them are chains like Safeway and Ross and many more locally-owned businesses.

Childcare and Schools

Here’s the thing about childcare and schooling: Your personal situation will determine the right fit for you, and, while there are options in this neighborhood, your best bet is to check out for an interactive map and comprehensive list of daycares and preschools across the city.  

Likewise, for K-12 schools, we can’t tell you whether the schools here are “good” or not because a good school is based on so many other factors besides test scores. Check out our Tips for Moving to San Francisco with Kids for more help navigating childcare and schooling and a local mom’s take on raising a family in San Francisco.

Learn More 

To get an even better feel for what it’s like to live here, scan our list of 100+ kid-friendly restaurants in the city, find the nearest branch of the public library, and check out the area’s trick-or-treating hotspots.


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