Excelsior: A Guide to San Francisco Neighborhoods

The Excelsior neighborhood is in the very southeast section of the city, below Bernal Heights, between I-280 and I-101. Within the Excelsior district, you’ll find several smaller neighborhoods:  Mission Terrace, Outer Mission, Portola, and Crocker Amazon. It has a decidedly community feel and housing costs are still relatively affordable. We polled local moms to find out what makes this neighborhood a good fit for their families. 

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Why Moms Love It 

This is a friendly neighborhood with many long-time residents who value the close-knit community they’ve built. It’s an old neighborhood that hasn’t gentrified yet, which has kept housing costs lower and preserved its “old San Francisco” feel. There are a few great places to walk, but you’ll also find yourself using a car to run errands in the suburbs south of the city, which can be convenient if you’ve got kids in tow. 

Local Family Favorites 

A wonderful non-profit, with a mission to support local families with classes and community meet-ups.
Situated in the southern part of Bernal Heights bordering Excelsior, St. Mary’s recreation center has programs for tots, youth, adults, and seniors, and includes a gymnasium, community rooms, sports courts, athletic fields, and the city’s largest playground for kids of all abilities.
Grab an avocado shake and donut on your stroll around the neighborhood.
Ample parking, beautiful scenic hikes, picnic tables, and off-leash dog play areas make this a popular destination for residents from all over San Francisco. The kids will love the ducks at McNab Lake and the little playground adjacent to it.
This is a wonderful program that offers drop-in times for kids to tinker and build. Additionally, the organization serves public schools and the community to provide programs that enrich and empower students’ lives through science.  

Childcare and Schools

Here’s the thing about childcare and schooling: Your personal situation will determine the right fit for you, and, while there are options in this neighborhood, your best bet is to check out Winnie.com for an interactive map and comprehensive list of daycares and preschools across the city.  

Likewise, for K-12 schools, we can’t tell you whether the schools here are “good” or not because a good school is based on so many other factors besides test scores. Check out our Tips for Moving to San Francisco with Kids for more help navigating childcare and schooling and a local mom’s take on raising a family in San Francisco.

Learn More 

To get an even better feel for what it’s like to live here, scan our list of 100+ kid-friendly restaurants in the city, find the nearest branch of the public library, and check out the area’s trick-or-treating hotspots.
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