Virtual Book Club- Only Love Today

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I ordered this book, Only Love Today, for myself last year with the vision of taking a bath with a glass of wine and having some quiet time to read and relax.

Hah! That has yet to happen, but I have had some time to read little snippets during quiet moments. That is one of the best things about this book — it can be read in snippets. It was written by a busy mom who gets that.

The author, Rachel Macy Stafford, writes short engaging essays reminding us to be present and enjoy the moments with our kids. It’s really about the practice of the yoga of motherhood. For example:


To live your happily ever after NOW.

“You spent today living your happily ever after instead of tacking it to the bottom of the to-do list where it will never be touched.”


Take more TIME.

“A little more time can be a miraculous thing.”


Love your child as they ARE.

“I just want to celebrate you as you are instead of waiting for you to become what the world expects of you.”


Have BOUNDARY lines with work and technology.

“Today I will establish designated “work time” and “living time,” and find a home base for my devices. These boundary lines will enable me to protect the sacred spaces of my life and breathe life into what matters most.”


Give unconditional ATTENTION.

“Today I will let someone I love believe that the empty chair is just waiting for him or her. Then I will replace the pen cap; turn off the device; set aside my agenda, my guilt, and my regret; and just listen. “I’ve been looking forward to this time together,” I will say. Because when it comes to building up a human being, unconditional attention is as important as unconditional love.”


What you say, and HOW you say it, matters.

“Speak soul-building words as often as you can so that one day they’ll be the strong and steady voice inside your loved one’s heart.”


Help your child DREAM.

“What must you do before you leave this earth, precious child? Write it down. Say it. Scream it. Whisper it. Pray it. Believe it.”


Love is enough.  

“Love is the only thing required of you right now. And if love is the only thing you do today, that is enough. It is more than enough.”


What were your favorite parts of the book?


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