Are You Using Slangs Without Knowing What They Really Mean?


According to a recent survey conducted by Preply, 50% of 2,000 surveyed Americans have used a slang word without knowing its meaning. Parents are also more likely to use slang than people without children – no surprise, given that 7 in 10 learn what slang words mean from young people – despite 66% of parents being annoyed by slang. Most of us parents are also Millennials, meaning we are the generation that kind of started this slang craze. YAS! We did that. Anyway, we’re not exactly innocent here.

Are you low-key with slang use, or are you extra with it? Are you just using whatever slang you have heard of – without caring if you are using it incorrectly – because you’re, well, thirsty?

Here are some of the notable slangs consolidated by Preply:

Most Popular Slangs in 2021

  1. Ghosted – when someone cuts off all communication without explanation
  2. Salty – exceptionally bitter, angry, or upset
  3. On Point – exactly right, perfect
  4. Woke – being alert to social injustice
  5. GOAT – greatest of all time

Least Popular Slangs in 2021

  1. OK Boomer – implying someone is old, out of touch, or resistant to change
  2. Bae – term of endearment, a.k.a. baby or babe
  3. Bye Felicia – dismissive goodbye, a.k.a. talk to the hand
  4. On fleek – perfectly executed or extremely attractive/stylish
  5. Mansplain – explaining something to women in a condescending manner

COVID-19 Slangs

  1. Rona – abbreviation for coronavirus
  2. Jab – COVID vaccine
  3. Quarantine and Chill – a.k.a. Netflix and chill
  4. Quaranteam – a limited group of people you see during self-isolation (how is that self-isolating when you’re seeing people?)
  5. Zoomer – generation marked by COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing

Click here to read the full report on all things slang.

Stay woke, mama.


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