Trucks, Planes, & Trains, Oh My! A Reading List for Toddlers Who Love Vehicles

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Reading to my son has equipped me with a new skill I never thought I’d have: I can identify every vehicle that we encounter around the city. Is that a cement mixer over there? Why, yes, yes, it is. Is that man operating an excavator? I think he is! Cherry pickers, bulldozers, cranes and more- you point to it and I can likely name it. We have read many, many books about trucks at this point, so my vehicle vocabulary is on point.

I never got very excited about vehicles before my son showed me the joys of spotting airplanes overhead or waving to fire trucks racing by. I also never realized how many exciting construction sites there are in the city until I started walking around with my truck-obsessed toddler. In addition to spotting and identifying vehicles, he has also taught me to listen for them. The city is not a quiet place, but I can now recognize the sound of the CalTrain, sirens, motorcycles and any nearby helicopter over regular city noise.

I’m having fun embracing my son’s love for vehicles because it’s exposing me to all sorts of children’s books I’ve never read before. If you have a toddler at home who also loves vehicles, this is the book list for you! If your child prefers another interesting genre, this list could give you ideas for gifts or a few titles outside your child’s comfort zone. If you have any other vehicle favorites to add to the list, let me know in the comments below!

Fun Fact: All of these books are available through the San Francisco Public Library! If you’re ready to add it to your personal library, just click below!




  1. These all look awesome, but which one will do the best job of teaching me the names?! All I know is “excavator” and there are so many more!!


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