Texting and Driving: Our Kids are Watching


About a month ago, I got pulled over.  It was late afternoon, and I was rushing (not speeding) home to meet our nanny. I had one of my children in the car, my youngest, and looking back I joked, “I wished my oldest would have been in the car.  He would have loved to have been pulled over by a policeman.” This was clearly not how I felt that day…

It was super hot, and I had the air blasting.  And because the air was on high, I couldn’t hear my husband through the phone (on speaker) on my lap.  So, I was holding it in my hand closer to my chin. This is illegal. I am embarrassed to say that I never knew it was illegal to hold a phone while driving, even if you are just on speaker.  Of course, I know you can’t text!  But holding it? I had no idea.

The gentleman was nice, but of course, he didn’t care when I explained I didn’t know what I had done wrong. He gave me the ticket, and I drove home… I was 2 minutes away from my house, which made it sting even more.

After I got over my grudge a few days later, I became hyper-sensitive to people holding their phone while driving, and I noticed something- people texting while driving ALL.THE.TIME.  Everywhere! Even on the 280, are you kidding me?

My boys will be driving one day, and I want them to know this is unacceptable. This is so dangerous!

I am going to start by setting a good example in my own car. I will not touch my phone while driving. Not only for our safety and those around us, but because my kids are watching.  They actually do watch our every move and learn from our actions.  

I have started connecting my phone to my car through bluetooth before leaving my house, so that I can answer or make a call on the go if needed.  But really, do I really need to be available by phone 24 hours a day?  Isn’t it ok, if I miss a call or text?  Do I want my kids to think I can’t be without my phone even for a 15 minute drive to grocery store? No. I don’t.

I also want to teach my kids to speak up. They will eventually be riding with others, caregivers or friends.  I want them to know it’s ok to say politely, “Please, don’t text and drive.” I can’t tell you how many cab drivers I have told in my day to put their phone down.  My husband teases me, but in all seriousness this is a serious problem, and it has gotten out of hand.

Take a look around, you will be so surprised! We all need to put our phones down. Our children are watching.  They are the future, so let’s teach them this is unacceptable.


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