Teaching Social-Emotional Learning At Home


As a parent, you’re probably scrambling to find ways to keep your children on track academically during this Shelter-in-Place period. While it’s important that kids keep up with their math, science and other subjects, it’s just as important to ensure they’re learning about the soft skills needed for social and emotional learning (SEL). SEL tools can also help spark meaningful conversations that provide a window into what’s on your child’s mind. That insight can better equip you to help them cope and adjust during this uncertain and challenging time.

Here are four empowerment lessons from Career Girls, a San Francisco-based nonprofit I created to help parents inspire, educate and empower their children. These lessons focus on social and emotional learning that can help children navigate and remain optimistic during these turbulent times.


We’ve all faced tough times, but did you know that how you handle these difficult situations is an important indicator of your future career success? Learning to handle challenges effectively and persevere will help you now, in college, and in your future career. Listen to our role models explain how to develop resiliency and learn to apply it to your life today.

Overcoming Obstacles

Everybody faces obstacles in their life – some are easy to overcome, but others are more difficult. Understanding how to deal with obstacles can make them less overwhelming. Role models in this video share advice you can use every day to take on whatever obstacles come your way.


What is integrity, and why does it matter? Role models in this video take a look at what it means to do the right thing, even if it’s hard and even if nobody is watching. You’ll recognize some important words along the way: honesty, credibility, respect, responsibility, and trust.

Choosing Friends

Good friends are there to encourage and support you to achieve your goals. But did you know that holding on to negative friendships can impact your future career success? Learning to identify and surround yourself with positive friendships is an important step towards success in school and beyond!

Because our real-life role models come from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds, any child will find someone they can relate to. And, because the role models are experienced, successful, and willing to share what they know, they serve as a powerful and diverse group of mentors to reinforce the messages you are imparting to your child.

The Career Girls website tour video has tips on how to maximize your experience. You’ll also find ready-to-use toolkits that any parent, mentor or educator can use for at-home learning.  


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