Screen Time With TaleTree That isn’t Detrimental To Kids


In the generation of the overwhelmingly influential social platform- tik tok, it’s refreshing to see a startup push other creative options for children to express themselves beyond dancing video challenges. From my perspective, TikTok teaches our children how to be entertained but is detrimental to positive mental development. 

Empower Children’s Creativity

Screen Time With Tale Tree That Isn’t Detrimental To Kids
Screen Time With Tale Tree That Isn’t Detrimental To Kids

Let’s pull the curtain up and welcome TaleTree to the stage, a platform created to empower children’s creativity through their app, online camps, kind peer-to-peer feedback, and interactions with experts. The platform provides a safe, fun, and immersive environment for kids (age 5 – 12). Their app and services help children connect and collaborate with like-minded peers around their creative nature and passions, making learning faster and happier.

Nowadays, our children are getting lost in social trends that serve only as short-term entertainment but do not support development that helps long-term knowledge gains or skills enhancements or discovery and development of one’s passions. TaleTree believes in the power of creating positive changes within a child’s life by expanding their mind through authentic learning and providing a community for other like-minded creative and kind children. It promotes the notion that if guided properly on their creative path and helping them realize their super creative powers, they will move on to create a better world for themselves and those around them. 

Sumi Lim, the founder of Tale Tree, designed this platform because she did not trust our education system. This country’s outdated education system was not created to evolve with the technology landscape. Given that most new children’s tech options have an added risk and danger to our children’s safety and mental health, Tale Tree couldn’t be more necessary. What can you as a parent look forward to your children learning from TaleTree? 

TaleTree Promotes the Importance of Kind Peer-to-Peer Feedback

As adults, we know how important the delivery method of a message can affect the receiver. It is all about the approach and how we communicate. This understanding is taught to the TaleTree community of children. They are also empowered to practice it outside their creative community amongst peers at school and their extracurricular activity events. Within the program, children are encouraged to provide kind, positive peer-to-peer feedback at all times on each other’s projects. The practice of kind feedback is implemented with every age bracket to ensure proactive participation and build a life skill that has gotten lost in the tech age due to cyberbullying and creating false social media identities. No parent wants their child to be known as a bully or the victim of one. Suppose there’s one advantage to this critical teaching by TaleTree. In that case, the practice of kind peer-to-peer feedback will create more compassionate children that can communicate constructive feedback in an effective manner that empowers their peers. This teaching prevents the creation of cyberbullies. 

TaleTree Teaches the Importance of Stimulating a Child’s Creative Juices Through Educational Challenges

There are many mindless entertaining challenges all over social media for both adults and children to take part in. It’s refreshing to come across a platform that provides challenges that intellectually stimulate their minds and pushes children to show their true creative nature. Beyond learning the latest dance moves through a TikTok challenge or any other social media challenge, the TaleTree challenges are not about how many likes, follows, or comments you can achieve. It’s about challenging their creative minds and empowering their imagination to go beyond any limits the children set on themselves. Children can enter challenges that require them to focus their minds on their creative passions, whether art, dance, music, crafting, etc. This list goes on, and TaleTree puts no limits on how clever a child chooses to be or how they choose to express themselves. 

TaleTree Provides Inspirational Expert Speakers That Discusses the Importance of Creating Long Term Goals Through Virtual Camps

TaleTree recruits many experts in various fields to come on virtually to educate, empower and inspire the children in their community. The platform provides two types of virtual camps: Creative Camps and Special Camps. Both are live events for children to interact with one another and interact with various field experts. An upcoming special camp will be hosting a Director of Products at Roblox. Previous camps have hosted experts like a rocket scientist from Lockheed Martin, a Visual Art Director from PIXAR, and a wildlife animal sanctuary expert from Australia. Upcoming camps will host a variety of experts sharing their vast knowledge that will inspire the children to imagine and create outside their box. 

Check out their upcoming camps by signing up here: THE ROOTS

Children can be capable of fabulous creations if they are educated and appropriately guided to utilize tech in a way that adapts to our continuously changing industry and world. Taree is an inclusive community that empowers children to expand their creative minds and develop compassion for one another. It is not your typical brain-sucking mindless app. Sign up your children for Tale Tree today and observe the positive change when screen time isn’t detrimental to kids. 

Screen Time With Tale Tree That Isn’t Detrimental To Kids
Screen Time With Tale Tree That Isn’t Detrimental To Kids
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