Yellow Spot: Sun Offers Affordable Online Art Education for Kids!

The post is in partnership with Yellow Spot: Sun

Do you want to expose your child to art education without signing them up for an expensive art class? How about an art class at home without, yet again, another drop-off and pick up. With complete flexibility or a built-in schedule for homeschoolers, Yellow Spot: Sun is a “creative” and fun way for elementary-aged kids and middle schoolers to learn art at home!

Yellow Spot: Sun was founded by Marrissa Raimonde in 2017, and the name comes from a quote by Pablo Picasso. He said, “There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others, with the help of their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” 

Marrissa taught art in an at-risk school district for 7 years before choosing to homeschool her three children. She found that teaching art in small groups at home required too much prep work for herself and other homeschooling parents. Frustrated, she thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if I created the lessons online and the kids could work independently from home, without adding to the workload and prep time for parents?

And so Yellow Spot: Sun was born. Now, with over 30 courses ranging in cost from FREE to $35, your child can learn art history, color theory, sketching and painting techniques, and MORE.  And you can learn at your own pace while your child expresses themselves without comparing their artwork to the works of other students. To keep it easy, Marrissa has uploaded instructional videos and provides a sketchbook with each course. I purchased the paint and other materials myself.  

My son and I decided to give this a try! We picked Color Theory with the Impressionists, learning about Monet, Van Gough, etc. 


[easy-image-collage id=18846]

I was really impressed with the variety of activities in our course. There was sketch work, art history, drawing, painting projects, and more.  And Marrissa’s instructional videos were fun, upbeat, and easy for my Kindergartener to understand and follow. There was very little mommy-assistance needed which really gave my son confidence in his ability to create something special. 

[easy-image-collage id=18852]

Wow!  I was really surprised.  Who knew my little guy was so artistic? Given some real instruction, tools, and confidence, he was able to create beautiful work.  And he loved it! 

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Check out Yellow Spot: Sun to get started today!



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