Messages to Brighten Up Your Child’s Day


One of my favorite memories, when I was in school, was to get messages and sometimes even small presents in my lunchbox from my mom. The sweet notes would really make my day. That is one of many traditions that I have continued with my kids and will continue to do so until they graduate from high school.

I find myself doing it quite a bit the first few weeks of school as they transition to their crazy schedules and to help relieve some of the anxiety around finding their lunchtime groove and group of friends. I also do it for birthdays, special holidays, and if I know they are really struggling with something.

lunchbox notes

At first, I just found super cute blank lunchbox cards, but as they got older, I wanted to really highlight what I love most about them and what I wish for them.  I found these two little books at the counter of a bookstore and they are perfect.  I can rip them out and they are lasting quite a long time.

Knock Knock What I Wish For You Fill In The Love Journal

Knock Knock Why You’re So Super Fill In The Love Journal

To give you an idea of what is inside, I have made these templates:  

lunchbox notes
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Hopefully, you love them just as much as I do and will end up buying the whole book (they have other ones, too)!  Little gestures like this let our children know we are thinking about them while they are at school.  Think of them as a little “hug” to get them through the rest of their day (no matter what grade they are in). 

If your child eats mostly school lunch, then think of another creative place (minder binder, bookmark) where you can leave these treasures behind.

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Tracy is the Director of Programming and Partnerships for Darkness to Light, a child sexual abuse prevention organization. She grew up in northeast Ohio, and has lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, and Northern Virginia and has worked in the arts, in education, in non-profits and in ed tech. Her husband's job brought them to the Bay Area and there's no looking back! Tracy is mom to two trans teens who are just beginning their journey. Self-care includes pedicures, reading, cooking, crafting, and just being with her family. She also serves as Chair of the Board for the Attachment and Trauma Network, a national non-profit.


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