“Last Day of School” Printable Signs: Capture the Memories (Easily)!

(This post is sponsored by Ted & Kate.)

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Why is the end of the school year so busy? Must all school field trips and parties take place within a three week period? And is it me or do kids’ birthday parties uptick at this time of year, too? Whatever the reason, the weeks fly by from April to June, and, before we know it, the kids are out of school!

Given all the distractions, you may not be as prepared to capture last day of school memories as you were at the start of the school year, so we’ve got you covered.

Stationary designer Sarah Tarantino of Ted & Kate and Woods & Company created FREE custom “Last Day of School” printable signs just for us. Click on the graphics below to print them out. Then, coax your kids to hold them up as you snap away, commemorating their last days of school.

If you have a few days before picture time, make a personalized sign like the one above that includes the name of your child’s school:

  • Visit Sarah’s website and enter your child’s grade and school name.
  • Use the code SCHOOLSOUT at checkout.
  • Select “at studio pick up” for shipping (don’t worry, Sarah will email you the PDF to print).

Don’t we all want time to slow down a little bit, especially as we’re reminded just how fast our babies are growing up? Freeze the moment forever in a photo and then check out our summer camp guide and Bay Area summer bucket list to make the most of your summer together!

Click on the images below to print!

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Visit Ted & Kate for personalized options!

Use the code SCHOOLSOUT to order your FREE personalized Last Day of School sign.


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