Become a Math Whiz by Learning from the Best in the World


Do you have a budding math whiz on your hands? Or perhaps you’d like to further cultivate your future engineers/astronauts’ potential in their path towards their dream careers? Look no further than Maths@Singapore, a Singapore-based math education center focusing on high-quality online math tutoring for Grade 1 to Grade 5 elementary school children.

Maths@Singapore is founded by Stanford alumni and parents whose children attended both elementary schools in the Bay Area and the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) public schools in Singapore. They experienced first-hand the effectiveness of the Singapore MOE math program in strengthening their children’s math proficiencies and wish to bring the benefits of this program to elementary school children in the Bay Area and beyond.

Their online program covers the topics in US elementary schools and beyond, using the same proven pedagogies of the Singapore MOE math program that has been powering children at Singaporean elementary schools to the top of international math proficiency benchmarks. The online classes are conducted in the afternoons and evenings (Pacific Time) from Monday to Sunday.

The expert teachers at Maths@Singapore deliver the online classes directly from Singapore and are a critical part of their program’s effectiveness.


The world-class math achievements of Singapore elementary school children are made only possible by the high-quality math teachers at Singapore MOE public schools. OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), the largest international survey institute of teachers and school leaders, has found that Singaporean teachers are some of the best-trained teachers in the world. At Maths@Singapore, all teachers have extensive experience in teaching children of diverse abilities and are specially trained plus certified to teach the Singapore MOE math program in Singapore MOE public schools.

Maths@Singapore is also committed to keeping each class size at 5 students and below, to allow its teachers to focus on each student individually.

Enroll now with code BAYMOMS and enjoy up to four free lessons worth $200!


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