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The most challenging stage of parenthood for me was when my babies reached school-age.  Specifically 1st grade and up.  Before school-age, everything they did was too adorable to be upset or stressed out about.  They tossed furniture all over the living floor and wore their dinner on their faces, in their hair, and on their clothes. Instead of getting upset, we snapped a picture and posted it to our social media pages with laughing emoji faces and hearts to share the cuteness. Most parents, including myself, believed their drooling, booger picking babies were also geniuses the moment they uttered mama or babbled their ABC’s. Once they entered into the school-age phase, that’s when my assumption was tested. 


Currently, I have a son in 2nd grade and a daughter in 4th grade. It’s painful to admit or hear from teachers about my children’s struggles with a school subject. It bruises the parent ego.  We desperately want our kids to be perfect and excel at everything even though we know that’s an unrealistic expectation.  My daughter started showing signs of struggle with math in 2nd grade.  I justified it with genetics because I struggled with math in grade school too. However, my son excelled in math, so genetics couldn’t be a reason for justification.  As much as I tried to support my daughter and work side by side with her on her math problems, I was unable to get thru. I needed external support.  I placed her in math club, paid for math tutoring thru math centers, and also downloaded various online math programs and apps to help her. Any new math support or program is always welcomed into our home, especially as a working parent. It wasn’t just my child that needed the extra support, it was also me.

Recently, we signed up for an online math tutoring program called Revolution Math. I also managed to recruit some of my parent friends and their children to try it with us.  Revolution Math benefits both the child and the parent.  For parents, the delivery method thru In home, online sessions allowed so much convenience.  I was able to simultaneously monitor and cook dinner. Having the same Teacher for every session allowed my kids to develop a personal connection with their tutor. Plus, the Interactive story/ math adventures  were engaging, entertaining and so amusing for my kids. The ratio of tutor to students was perfectly balanced.  Revolution Math made the process of learning math so exciting.  I wish they were around when I was a kid struggling with math.

My fellow parent friends and their children were also very fond of the program.



“ I really loved the program.  I noticed his math skills improved, which was great. I also noticed he enjoyed his math homework from school a little more since starting Revolution Math.  He really liked  the program and he would look forward to the classes.  My mother and I both noticed he was really engaged in the session. Sometimes they felt a little long but he never complained about it”. – Brenda (pictured – Son Noah, 2nd Grade







“I like how we got a jumpstart! Meilani learned things that she hadn’t learned in class yet.  I loved how engaging the teacher was and how excited my child was to learn math”. – Yasmeen (pictured – daughter Meilani, 4th Grade)





Interested in trying Revolution Math? CLICK HERE 

Revolution Math is offering a 4-week FREE trial for our San Francisco Moms Blog readers as well as waived enrollment + materials fees!  Try it out and let us know!  We’d love to share your experience! You can enroll directly from their website – If you have any specific questions, please contact their Program Director (Mike Hassen) at

Upon enrollment, students receive a welcome package of additional math support tools to use during their interactive story activity sessions. An additional bonus perk to the monthly goodie packages is an awesome personal iPad Air with an annual subscription.  There’s no shortage of wins here.  If price is a concern, I highly encourage parents to register and try out the first month for FREE.  Once you see the improvement and positive effects of the sessions, the price will not be a concern.  The quality and value that Revolution Math provides is worth it.  

OH Yea…students earn points and badges along the way which can be redeemed for real-world prizes!

You have nothing to lose and your children have so much to gain!  It’s tough to accept that our children struggle in school subjects, however it’s an even worse disservice to them if we don’t reach out for or accept additional support to ensure they have everything necessary to excel.  

Pictures courtesy of Revolution Math and Sysamone.

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