Driving While Pregnant – Shield that Tummy!

On my way to the hospital for delivery with my tummy safe and shielded!

There are some great child travel safety products out there, but are there any to protect unborn babies?

I recently tried out a Tummy Shield™, which is a seat belt positioner to use while pregnant. The Tummy Shield™ protects the baby by ensuring that the seat belt sits safely. If you put a seat belt on over your baby bump, it tends to ride up on top of where the baby is. For your baby’s safety, it should actually sit below the bump. That’s what the Tummy Shield™ is for.

During my first pregnancy, I didn’t own a car and mostly used public transportation. Now that I have a two-year-old that needs to be brought to preschool and activities, I drive my car on an almost daily basis.

Driving in a city like San Francisco is already a bit of an experience with all of the stop-and-go, reckless drivers, and the many, many pedestrians. Add in a big belly in between the seat and the wheel and it only gets more hectic! There’s not much I can do about all that, but I was happy to know that there was a product that would protect my baby. Here’s what I loved about it:

The Tummy Shield™ Is Comfortable and Easy to Use

Not only does the Tummy Shield™ protect my unborn baby in the event of a crash but it is also very comfortable. The foam cushion is about two inches thick, giving me just enough height above my steering wheel but not too much that my thighs are rubbing against it.

My husband and I both drive our car and we appreciate how easy it is to transfer the Tummy Shield from seat to seat.

It simply clips onto the back of the seat and is easily adjustable.

The Tummy Shield™ Keeps My Baby Safe

Just like you would look at the crash tests that have been done to evaluate the effectiveness of a car seat, it’s important to do your research when purchasing a seat belt positioner. Unfortunately, there are many cheap imitation products on the market. I felt confident using the Tummy Shield knowing that it has been through multiple crash tests and that it keeps the seat belt in such a position that it still conforms to federal safety standards.

The Tummy Shield™ is a worthwhile investment from the time you get into those comfy stretchy pants all the way through to postpartum. It’s actually quite useful during C-section recovery as well.

You can get your Tummy Shield™ here!

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In 2015, a week after getting married, Christine moved to the Bay Area from Canada. After deciding to leave the tech world, she studied Pastry Arts at San Francisco Cooking School and has worked in some of the best restaurants of San Francisco. She now works as a bakery consultant and does professional recipe development. Christine also teaches cooking and pastry. She especially loves teaching to kids and teens. Christine had a son in 2017. She struggled to find activities to do with her son and so she started to plan community events to meet other families.


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