Dear C-Section Scar: You’re Not So Bad After All


c-section scarDear C-Section Scar,

I’ll admit when I found out at 36 weeks pregnant I was going to need you that I left the doctor’s office in tears and sat crying in my car. How bad would you hurt? What was the recovery really going to be like? And the absolute worst part, how could I not be able to pick up my toddler for six weeks? Did you not realize my older “baby” still needed me?

I’d given birth before without you, so why did you come into my life now? So what, if my daughter flipped last minute inside my belly? Maybe she could flip back.

Right after my initial meltdown, I researched everything I could on how to get my breeched baby to turn. I tried acupuncture, stretches, and all of the ridiculous old wives tales I could find on Google to get my girl to move and to avoid you. We both know none of that worked.

I scheduled you and prepared as much as I could ahead of time. I asked my doctor what I could do to have you fade quicker and I got everything in order for my toddler, who would still need her mama during my recovery.

I was nervous about surgery (previously, the biggest surgery I had was getting my wisdom teeth out in high school), the recovery was rough, and you were bigger than I thought you’d be. Ten months later, you still ache from time to time, but because of you I have a healthy baby girl, so I am eternally grateful.

I never did anything to diminish your mark on my body. I see you as my badge of honor and think, “Wow, that scar is how my baby girl came into the world!” I have two amazing girls, each delivered in a different way – no better, no worse; a woman’s body is truly incredible.

So, thank you. I’m sorry I was so hesitant to get you, but, now, I’m pretty damn proud of you.




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