Mom, I Hate the Hair on My Body


I have a five-year-old daughter who just started kindergarten.  She is amazing.  She has confidence and optimism. She is really a joy to be around.

Last week, I was giving her a bath, and as she was getting out and I was smothering her body in lotion, she sighed and said, “I hate the hair on my body.”

That took the wind out of my lungs.  

I was shocked, that this baby would think anything about her body is not perfect.  I want her to love her body as much as I love her body.  I started going through memories.  Have I ever said anything about my hair, or anything body-negative around her? I’ve read enough mommy blogs to know that our words, intended or unintended, can have a profound impact on our children.  

I then launched into a “Mommy-Monologue.” How I love my arms because they help me carry her 40 pound 3-year-old brother. I love my legs because they help me play tag at the park with her.  I love my tummy because that’s where all the good growing food from dinner goes.  I love the hair on my arms because it can look sparkly in the sunshine…

“I love the hair on my arms because it looks sparkly in the sun, too, Mom!” she interrupted me.  Then she went on to say why and how she loves all the different parts of her body.  

I was feeling pretty good at this point (maybe as an exercise we need to list off all the reasons we love our bodies more often), but I also felt bewildered.  

Then my little girl sighed, reached down to her knee and pulled off one long strand of my hair that must have clung to her during the bath.  “Mommy, I just hate when your hair gets on my body. It’s kinda itchy and tickly.”  

Whew! Crisis averted for now!  

I just had to chuckle, “Well, honey, you can take the issue of my hair being all over the place up with Dad. He feels the same way.”


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