Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!

Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!
Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!

As the use of recreational cannabis increases in many states, the education on safe consumption helps destigmatize stereotypes, and the conversation around marijuana use in general grows. One survey commissioned by Yahoo News and the Marist Poll found that 54 percent of cannabis users are parents. Meanwhile, 30 percent of that bracket are parents with children under 18. Another nationwide online survey conducted by The Harris Poll to learn more about parents and their cannabis use showed that two-thirds of parents with kids under 18 (67%) say that cannabis makes them a better parent. Shocking statistics for many people, including parents themselves. There are more of us out there than I expected.

Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!
Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!

Fight Against Stigma

Parents who are cannabis users have had to fight against the stigma that being a cannabis user will cause our children to have issues with drug abuse. Some people state that parents who use cannabis can also cause psychological harm to their children. So, parents have learned to keep themselves hidden in the canna closet. Parents fear judgment from other parents, their own family, friends, and the public. Even working parents who have created responsible consumption practices hide in the canna closet to avoid criticism and judgment of their parenting practices. As a parent of two teenagers, a working professional, and a daily cannabis consumer, I would have to say I am a prime example of why these stigmas for parents are false.

Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!
Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!

Consuming Cannabis Makes Me a Better Parent

I’m afraid I disagree with the stigmas that being a parent and consuming cannabis can harm my children psychologically. There are quite a few other factors that I think will ruin my children’s mental health more so than my cannabis consumption. I can agree with the result that consuming cannabis makes me a better parent. For one, CBD has immensely helped calm my anxiety and stress to have a clear mind daily to take on parenting challenges. When I need help shutting off at night, it’s the precise go-to that helps me sleep so that I can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the next day of life’s challenges. 

Responsible Practices

Whether you are new to the cannabis game or have experience using cannabis products, we can all benefit from continuous cannabis education. If you’re a parent curious about the best approaches in talking to your children about cannabis but unsure where to start, join me this month for a virtual panel learning from parents leading the cannabis industry. Parents like you and I break the stigmas placed on us before beneficial cannabis research existed. The parents on the panel will be discussing responsible practices from a parent’s perspective, de-stigmatization, and the importance of talking to our kids about cannabis. You can register for the event here: Plants, Parent’s and Perspectives.

Challenging the Stigmas

Parents who consume cannabis responsibly and are working professionals will answer questions like the ones below. These are parents that work on challenging the stigmas placed on us in a time before cannabis was legalized for recreational use.

  • What age is appropriate for your children to use plant-medicine like CBD tinctures?
  • Would you prefer your children did not smoke to consume when and if they choose to?
  • What are some responsible practices for Parents considering cannabis consumption?
  • Where should parents draw the line? (Should you hide it / lock it away OR embrace and display it like a home bar)
  • What changes in approach/conversation in children/preteens/ teens?
  • How does being open and transparent about cannabis improve your relationships with your family?

I believe in removing the stigmas that cannabis parents face. We have to start with how we approach the way we learn and educate the general public and our children about responsible, safe consumption. Recreational cannabis is expanding in legality and becoming more accessible worldwide. How we talk about cannabis with our children has a profound impact on their relationship with the plant if they choose to consume it. We can break the stigmas placed on parents and raise children who are very well educated about cannabis consumption as long as we are willing and open to doing so. 

Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!
Did You Know the Majority of Cannabis Users Are Parents?!
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