Ode to the Sippy Cup


IMG_9152Oh sippy cup, sippy cup, you promised to be, 

a leak-proof vessel, completely spill free,

But somehow your liquid doesn’t stay put.

It bubbles up over and spills on my foot,

Or worse, on the cushions, carpet and tile.

There goes my hope they’d look nice for a while.

I’ve tried all the styles. I’ve tried all the brands.

No matter which one, I watch the drops land. 

You fill up my shelves, taking up so much space. 

Lids, valves and straws tumble all over the place!

But I have to be honest. Yes, I should confess. 

Without you, I’d face much more of a mess. 

My children can drink from real cups at first,

But soon other urges take over their thirst.

Their hands will behave for only so long,

Before I exclaim, “You’re doing it wrong!”

In goes a finger and then two or three,

to splash in the liquid, to play so carefree. 

Then, slowly but surely, the cup starts to tip,

and soon I am longing for a sippy cup’s drip. 

So sippy cup, sippy cup, you may have your flaws,

but I think that I owe you a round of applause.  

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Rebecca is the former Managing Editor for both Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog and San Francisco Moms Blog. She and her husband moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in 2008 and love raising their two children in the city. Rebecca worked for two Fortune 500 companies in a variety of HR roles before surprising everyone, including herself, and leaving her job to stay home with her kids. She's written for a variety of online parenting publications including Scary Mommy, Motherly, and YourTango, but promises that she can talk about non-parenting stuff in real life. Follow her on social media at @rlang165 and on BeckyRebecca.com.



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