Must Haves :: The New Free Hands Car Seat Strap


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I am pretty average sized, some may even say petite (thanks! I’ll take it!) yet for some reason, I make huge baby boys!  Both of my boys were 90+ in their growth percentiles! Because of my large children, my back is beat and my arms are ripped.  Have you ever carried 56lbs of little boys?  I do all the time, as both my boys want me to hold them at the same time all.the.time. Let me just say- there is nothing sexier than a large and quite smelly Icy Hot pad stuck on your lower back as you crawl into bed to snuggle next to your partner- beware, if you spoon, your partner may feel the burn on his belly!

Ok, so let’s talk about carrying the car seat- the infant car seat.  You know that burn you feel in your forearm as you tried to awkwardly loop your arm through the handle to free up your hand? And how your quick run into Walgreens soon turns out to be the worst idea ever? That’s why when I heard about this new product, I had to find out more.

Free Hands is a new shop on Etsy, and they make car seat straps. Yes, you just strap the car seat over your shoulder freeing up your hands for other things like groceries, small toddlers, or your large Starbucks. Genius.  Created by Kate and Kevin Masten after the birth of their second child, their car seat strap makes moving around with your baby so much easier and safer! Now, you don’t have to place the car seat down in the parking lot while putting an older sibling in the car.

No more lugging that heavy and awkward car seat!  

The Free Hands Strap is made in fashionable designs, easy to wash, and has an adjustable strap to make them one size fits all.  This is a perfect baby shower gift!

To learn more about Free Hands visit their Etsy shop here!  


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