5 Tear-Free Ways to Get Your Newborn to Sleep


I sat down with our resident sleep expert, Dr. Sarah Mitchell, on Facebook Live to talk about newborn sleep. In our twenty-minute talk, find out how long the newborn stage lasts and learn tips for creating healthy sleep habits to encourage well-rested babies: when to feed, how long we should keep babies awake, how to decipher your babies’ cries, how to handle the “witching hour,” whether swaddling is really worth it, how to look for signs of fatigue, and why “when in doubt, whip it out” may not always be the best policy to soothe your baby. 

Our chat is candid, non-judgmental, and FULL of validating insights that will make you feel better about the sleep situation in your house and empower you to make changes if you want to. Have a follow-up question? Leave it in the comments, sign up for Sarah’s A to Zzzzs Sleep Class, and check out our past videos on all things sleep! 

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