3 Ways To Add Color to Your Child’s Bedroom Without Paint


A child's bedroom with colorful garden-themed decals on the wall. There is a twin bed, a nightstand, and toys on the floor.

Creating a vibrant and lively bedroom for your child can be a daunting task, especially when painting the walls isn’t an option. Whether you’re dealing with rental restrictions or prefer not to use paint, there are plenty of creative and practical ways to infuse color into your child’s space. Interested in turning a bland room into a playful, colorful haven? Check out these ways to add color to your child’s bedroom without paint.

Alternative Color Solutions

One of the simplest ways to add color to your child’s bedroom is through the use of removable wallpaper. This versatile option comes in a myriad of designs, from whimsical patterns to bold geometric shapes, allowing you to transform the room instantly. The best part? You can easily remove it or change it as your child’s preferences evolve.

Another fantastic option is wall decals. These stickers can create themed spaces, like a jungle or outer space, adding a sense of adventure to the room. For a more hands-on approach, consider creating pool noodle art for your home. You can cut these foam tubes and arrange them in various shapes and colors, forming a vibrant and playful wall installation that adds texture and dimension.

DIY Decor Projects

Engaging in DIY decor projects is an excellent way to add color and a fun activity that parents can share with their children. For instance, fabric garlands are an easy and enjoyable project. Choose a variety of colorful fabrics, cut them into strips, and tie them onto a piece of twine. Hang this garland across the room to add a festive touch.

Customizing lampshades is another creative project. You can use fabric markers, stickers, or even decoupage techniques to turn a plain lampshade into a piece of art. Lastly, creating wall art can be a fun and fulfilling endeavor. Use canvas panels, paints, and other craft supplies to make unique artwork that reflects your child’s personality and interests.

Using Textiles and Accessories

Textiles and accessories can significantly impact the overall color scheme of a room without requiring any permanent changes. Start with colorful bedding. A vibrant duvet cover or an array of patterned pillows can instantly transform the look and feel of the bedroom. Rugs are another excellent way to introduce color. Choose a bright, patterned rug to anchor the room and add warmth.

Additionally, consider using colorful curtains and window treatments. These can make a bold statement and tie together all the elements of the room. Don’t forget about smaller accessories like lamps, picture frames, and toy storage bins. Even these minor additions can add pops of color and make the room feel cohesive and lively.

You can create a vibrant and personalized bedroom for your child with a bit of creativity and planning. By incorporating these ways to add color to your child’s bedroom without paint, you can transform any space into a bright, personalized haven that grows with your child. The key is to experiment and have fun with the process. Your child’s room should be a reflection of their unique personality, filled with colors and elements that bring them joy.


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