Mommy Madness

1In lieu of March Madness, San Francisco Moms Blog is celebrating Mommy Madness! We are setting up a bracket on our Facebook page of things that make moms go mad! Vote to see your favorite make it to final game and to enter to win a basketball prize for your little one! The more times you vote, the better chance you have to win! Here are our Mommy Madness Competitors:

  • Diaper explosion when you’re already late
  • Temper tantrum in the grocery store
  • Refusing to nap and crying in crib
  • Passive aggressive comments from your M.I.L.
  • Throwing snacks all over the car
  • Requesting a food and then refusing to eat it
  • Won’t go potty at home, but must go in public
  • Incessant whining no matter what you do

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