Your Guide to Online Mommy Lingo and Abbreviations


I got into online Mom groups about six months postpartum and loved it! I never saw myself as someone who would partake in online discussions, but the unique experience of becoming a mom changed all that. It can get lonely when you first become a mom. No matter how close you remain with your non-mom friends, there’s a definite need to connect and bounce ideas off other women going through the same things as you. I had no idea how many moms out there had the same opinions on parenting as me, and I got some amazing advice. Within mom groups, you’ll find yourself advice, opportunities to teach others, connection, and commiseration.

Mom groups have their own lingo of acronyms, and it almost feels like a foreign language when you first get into forums. So I’ve typed up a list of common Mommy Lingo to help you get a head start! I’ve divided the lingo up into five common topics you’ll find in the groups.

Infant Feeding

BM: Breastmilk

BLW: Baby Led Weaning

EBF: Exclusively Breastfeeding

EP: Exclusively Pumping

FF: Formula Feeding

LLL: La Leche League (breastfeeding support group)

TW: Traditional Weaning

Infant Sleep

AP: Attachment Parenting

CC: Controlled Crying (sleep training method)

CIO: Cry It Out (sleep training method) 

DFTN: Down for the Night

DWT: Daily Wake Time

MOTN: Middle of the Night

PUPD: Pick Up/Put Down (sleep training method)

STTN: Sleep through the Night

Family Members

BIL: Brother in Law

DH, DS, DD: Dear/Darling Husband, Son, Daughter

FIL: Father in Law

FTM: First Time Mom

LO: Little One

MIL: Mother in Law

NB: Newborn

SAHM: Stay at Home Mom

SIL: Sister in Law

SO: Significant Other

WAHM: Work at Home Mom

Trying to Conceive

2WW: 2 Week Wait

AF: Aunt Flow (your period)

BC: Birth Control

BFP: Big Fat Positive (Pregnancy Test)

BFN: Big Fat Negative (Pregnancy Test)

MC: Miscarriage

TTC: Trying to Conceive

US: Ultrasound


Bump: Putting “bump” into a post is a way to move the thread back up to the top of a forum

CD: Cloth Diaper

Circ.: Circumcise

CS: C-section

ERF: extended rear facing (as in car seats)

Following: If you want to follow a post but don’t have any other comment to add to the thread (I recommend, instead, click on the arrow/caret at the top of the post and click to follow/ turn on notifications for the post)

IMO: In my opinion

IMHO: In my humble opinion

ISO: In search of

OT: Off Topic

OP: Original Poster

PFA: Pic for Attention (a photo to get people to notice your post)

PM: Personal Message

PP: Postpartum

PT: Potty Trained or Training

TIA: Thanks in Advance


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