Words of Wisdom from Our Writers


As we prepared for our Writer’s Retreat this winter, we came across some fun questions. So, we asked our writers for their thoughts. Let us know in the comments what your answers would be!

Question 1

If there was one “mommy duty” that you would never have to do again, what would it be?

  • “Put the stroller in the car”
  • “I would love to be done wiping butts”
  • “Washing my child’s hair”
  • “Pumping”
  • “Parent Drop-off/Pick-up”
  • “Wiping noses”
  • “Preparing school lunch”
  • “Brushing teeth”
  • “Endlessly cleaning and sterilizing breast pump parts and bottles”

We love how so many of these answers are related to the body and bodily functions!

Question 2

If you were stranded with your kids, what are the 3 things you hope you’d have on hand?

  • “Clean water supply, fire starter with tinder, machete”
  • “Musical instrument, earplugs, sleep mask”
  • “Crayons and paper, water, snacks”
  • “Phone (for calls and watching videos), snack, rubber ball”
  • “Food, blankets, wine”
  • “Wipes, paci, favorite blanket”
  • “After the basics (food, water, shelter), I’d want sunscreen, our bikes and helmets. Actually that’s probably pretty close to the definition of heaven if you asked my boys!”
  • “A year’s supply of wet wipes, chicken nuggets & water, and Cocomelon/Blippi videos”

You can see the answers range from full-on “survivor mode” to “I am thinking we would have wi-fi”.

Some general words of wisdom:

“Take time for yourself, every day.”

“Put your family first.”

“Educate yourself on key topics (COVID-19, education, milestones) but also do not neglect the gut instinct we have as moms.”

What would you add? Please share your answers and wisdom.


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