Here’s Why Kids Really Are Cuter When They Sleep


kids are cuter when they sleepIs there anything cuter than a sleeping baby? Laughing babies come close, but seeing our kids’ angelic faces in a deep state of rest, breathing steadily, and peacefully asleep, melts away whatever frustrations they’ve caused us during the day. 

I imagine it’ll get creepy at a certain age to peek into my kids’ rooms, fix their covers, and take a mental snapshot of their sleeping faces, but while they’re young, I’ll do it as much as I can. Kids really are cuter when they sleep, and here’s why. 

We know they’re safe. When our kids are awake, we can never rest. Even the calmest of us vibrate on a higher frequency when our kids are interacting with the world. The other day, I asked my three year old what she would do if she were on her own a la the movie “Home Alone.” She told me she would play with sharp knives, touch hot stoves, and climb on top of houses. What?!? That was a very specific (and dangerous) wish list, and I’m still not really sure if she was joking. When she’s sleeping, though, I don’t have to worry about her doing any of those things. I know she’s tucked into bed, right where I left her.


kids are cuter when they sleep

Sometimes they’re funny. Kids fall asleep in funny places and sleep in ridiculous poses. It’s one of the things that makes them irresistibly lovable. They play so hard during the day that once they finally fall asleep, they fully commit to the Sandman. Their surrender to slumber is made even funnier when they’ve put up a valiant fight before bedtime. Sleep seems to catch them by surprise, in a twisted position that can’t possibly be comfortable. We sigh deeply, thinking to ourselves, “Seriously, kid. You needed this.”

kids are cuter when they sleep

We get a break.  Because of the vigilance and patience that parenting requires, the time our children sleep is a much needed and very welcomed break. When we get this respite, we’re happier, and everything in life looks a little rosier, particularly our children.

kids are cuter when they sleep

It gives us time to reflect. Looking at our sleeping kids is like looking at a picture come to life. We get to relish the moment, soaking in the perfection of their dimpled hands and kissable cheeks without the distractions of the day. We’re not trying to simultaneously feed them something nutritious, keep them out of harm’s way, teach them manners, or manage a crying fit. We get to truly enjoy the moment. Have you ever wished you could jump into a favorite photo and give your baby a kiss and a cuddle? When they’re sleeping, we actually get to do this, and these are some of the most joyful moments of parenthood.

kids are cuter when they sleep

Whether they’re snoozing in your arms or on their own, let’s take a collective moment to marvel at how adorable our kids are in sleep. They’re a real life portrait of all that is wonderful about parenting. Don’t take this time for granted or stare too long, though. Eventually, they will wake up.



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