Why Fish Make Great First Pets for Children


    Why Fish Make Great First Pets for Children

    A child’s first pet provides them with so many fantastic opportunities to learn about responsibility and what it takes to care for another living thing. But for you as a parent, dealing with another messy mouth to feed can just mean more stress that you may not be able to handle. If you want to give your child their first pet but don’t want the stress that comes with traditional pets, here’s why fish may just be the perfect solution.

    Fish Teach the Same Lessons

    One of the reasons why fish make great first pets for children is that they teach the exact same lessons another pet would. For example, they teach children how to be responsible, how to care and think about others, and even sensitive lessons about life and death. But that’s not all: while traditional pets usually don’t need a strict schedule, fish thrive off of consistency, so they can help teach your child how to manage their time and stick to a schedule.

    Fish Are Easier and Less Expensive To Care For

    Fish cost much less money to care for than other pets because they don’t require vaccinations and surgeries. You also don’t need to take them outside to use the bathroom, pick up after them, or exercise them. On top of this, fish require much less space than traditional pets, and they certainly won’t tear up your furniture.

    The best part is you don’t have to start off with a huge 50-gallon aquarium that takes up lots of space and requires more maintenance. Five- to 10-gallon aquariums are perfect for beginners, and there are plenty of tiny fish you can keep in a small aquarium that are just as beautiful as larger fish.

    Fish Can’t Escape or Run Away

    One of the most nerve-wracking things about owning a free-roaming animal is how quickly it can escape or run away. Small animals like gerbils can hide in small spaces, and dogs and cats are known to bolt through open doors. Fish, on the other hand, can’t run away, providing you peace of mind.

    Fish Are Calmer

    Traditional pets, though wonderful, can often be chaotic creatures. They can be loud, destructive, and sometimes dangerous. Fish, however, are very calm creatures. Everyone could use a dose of calm occasionally, and fish can teach everyone in the house how to take things slow and admire the beauty of life.

    Now you know four reasons why fish make great first pets for children. They are inexpensive, tranquil creatures that still teach your child important lessons without coming after your peace of mind.


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