Who’s organizing the teacher’s gift?


How do you fundraise with your fellow parents at school? My littles are in the 1st and 2nd grades. Since pre-school, I have participated in the PTA and my kids’ classrooms, and one thing has stayed the same every year. Every year, the ‘room-mom’ scrambles to reach every parent in class. She collects donations through her cash app and then is tasked with completing the fundraising goal.

The same can be said for friend birthday gifts or meal trains. The process could be more straightforward at best, and often, it is up to one person in the classroom or friend group to manage it all.

Who’s organizing the teacher’s gift?
Who’s organizing the teacher’s gift?

There are a million different reasons to give to people who give so much to us. There are only a few easy ways to give as a group.

My friends and I give to teachers, coaches, coworkers, bosses, and we collectively give to friends. I’ve always wondered how many hours we’ve each spent going through emails, phone numbers, and planning the gifts we’re giving. I imagine all of that time would add up to weeks. I recently came across Group Together, a tool to plan all of your group gift-giving.  

The first time I’ll use Group Together is next month, when I’ll use it to plan for both of my kids’ classroom teacher’s holiday gifts. I’m already enjoying the extra time in brain space!

“For teachers, what they appreciate most is a card filled with heartfelt messages from all of the kids and parents. Pair this with a Gift Card they can put towards something they really want or need, and that’s really the ultimate gift.”

Who’s organizing the teacher’s gift?

With this website, the process is streamlined and completely free! All you have to do is share a link with your classroom, little league team, colleagues, or friends/family, and then choose between 150+ eGift Cards or give AnyCard and let the recipient pick. This is a great option when you have a large or small group of friends giving in different amounts and paying from various payment sources. 

Are you attending a holiday party in December? Do you want to group together funds for the host? Try GroupTogether – It’s FREE! Comment and share your experience with it below.


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