When You’re Hosting This Holiday Season, Please Do This One Thing


With the holidays coming up, I’m asking you to do one thing when you’re hosting family or friends. Sure, the holidays may seem far away, but we are almost halfway through October. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and this one thing will be a game-changer in how you host for the holidays.

Say YES to help.

I love hosting people, and I used to be a server and bartender. Plus, my parents had enough gatherings and parties while I was growing up to teach me from a young age how to host a party. Yet, one thing I never learned from all of these experiences was how to say yes to help.  

Seriously, when someone offers you help, and you have something to do, say yes.  DO NOT TRY TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF. This is all I ask—say yes to the help, Mama. Here is why:

People like to help. It’s a lot of work to host, and sure you can do everything yourself—no one doubts you on that. However, why turn down the offer when people are just standing around doing nothing?  

You might be helping someone else. Accepting help from the new person at the gathering or the more introverted person allows them to feel more comfortable and wanted. What host wouldn’t want their guest to feel welcomed? (Well, okay, besides that crazy family member; we all have one!)

What is the point, really, of doing it all on your own?  What are you trying to prove? Sure, as a guest, it is super nice to go someplace to relax and do nothing, but that is what vacation is for. If I am invited to your house, cleaning some lettuce and helping to make a salad isn’t going to make me break a sweat or go home exhausted. Helping you wash the dishes and clear the tables gives me an opportunity to chat with you since you have been busy hosting and preparing I haven’t really gotten that opportunity.  

Many hands make light AND efficient work. Not to mention it gives me an opportunity to lead by example. I do want to raise my boy right, and when we work together, we go back to our tribal routes of working as a community.  This alone is priceless.

So this holiday season, and for all the ones that follow, please accept help when it is offered. Sure, it may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, but I promise you, it will feel good. It will take some of the stress off of your day—just make sure to keep the tasks small and easy.

“Can you put the bread basket on the table?”

“Do you mind tossing the salad?”  

“Can you stir the gravy?”

“Sure, you can take over washing; let me finish up these few dishes here, and then you can do these last few.”

These are the tasks that will make your job less stressful, by taking the load off and allowing your guests to be a part of the gathering. It brings the community back!

What’s your best tip for hosting parties? Do you accept help when you host?



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