When My Daughter Says, “Hold You”


    There are seven minutes left till guests arrive for dinner. I am on turbo mode as I finish plating the food and setting the table. Then I feel a little hand tugging on my skirt, requesting, “Hold you.”

    I am finishing a work email before closing the laptop to focus on my little one. A few words are needed, and then the nudge and a soft voice say, “Hold you.” 

    I am tired and want five minutes on the couch to breathe. I leave the living room and head to our lounge area, and as I tiredly walk a couple of steps, I hear it: “Hold you.” 

    My sweet two-year-old tells me when she needs connection, a security reminder, or a showering of love and warmth; she tells me by saying, “Hold you.”

    My daughter wants to be held in my arms, close to my chest, and hear my breathing and soothing voice. 

    Though I’m on the verge of telling my daughter that in 5 minutes, I can pick her up, or we can read a book together when I finish this email and put the laptop away — I don’t. 

    Because I realize that when she asks, it is a need, it is something that must be filled for her growth and development as a healthy, wholesome individual. 

    I’ve learned that these moments can not be pushed aside. Her request is something that must be addressed right away. I must pick her up, hold her close, and concentrate on what she tells me. 

    I am reminded of my most important role, being a mother when I put aside the tasks or whatever I am busy with to give her my full attention. 


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