What To Know When Planning an Outdoor Birthday Party


    What To Know When Planning an Outdoor Birthday Party

    Birthday parties are exciting, but there is only so much you can do when they are indoors. Space is limited, and items in your home can get dirty or even break. An outdoor birthday party is a fun way to solve this, and it opens the opportunity for many new activities. However, a lot of planning needs to happen for them to work. Here’s what to know when planning an outdoor birthday party.

    Portable Fans

    The best time to throw an outdoor birthday party is when the sun is out, and the weather is calm, but this typically happens during late spring and summer. It’s a beautiful time to be outside, but it can also be excruciatingly hot. However, with some portable fans, what would otherwise be a sweaty and gross time will be cool and fun for everyone involved.

    Get a Hand Sanitizer Station

    Birthday parties for kids can be lots of fun, but they can also be incredibly messy. Everyone comes from their own homes, brings their germs to the party, and spreads them to everyone else. A portable hand sanitizer station can help keep everyone clean and bacteria-free! After all, there are many benefits of using hand sanitizer.

    People play different games and get a little dirty, and they also put their hands into communal chip bowls. With a steady supply of hand sanitizer, everyone can stay safe and have a good time with no worries!

    Check Availability

    Outdoor birthday parties are a great way to get out of the house and bring everyone together, but you may need to take some extra steps depending on the location. Many parks have outdoor sitting and eating areas with park benches and coverings, but some parks have these reserved. When planning an outdoor birthday party for your kid, the first step you should take is to find a location and ensure that you can stay there. The worst birthday present would be needing to find a new place at the last minute.

    Get Pest Control

    Whether you are in a backyard or a public park, bugs will show up any time there is a lot of food and people around one area. Mosquitoes, ants, flies, and bugs of any kind are not welcome at your party. Have a steady supply of bug spray and citronella candles, and make sure people clean up after themselves. Some pest control companies can also do a quick spray before your party so that pests stay away.

    Understanding what to know when planning an outdoor birthday party can seem like a lot at first, but all you need to know is that you must plan for everything. Plan for the people, plan for the weather, plan for the venue, and plan for everyone’s health. If you can understand this, you can give your child a fantastic birthday party while keeping all the guests happy.


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