What to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy


    uses for extra candy

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to curb your kids’ candy consumption and now you’re left with a big ol’ pile of candy. It feels wasteful to toss all those uneaten treats straight into the garbage, so try some of these uses for leftover Halloween candy instead.

    Use it for baking. 

    This list of 27 desserts made from leftover Halloween candy won’t win any healthy eating awards, but they sure do look yummy.

    Use it for a piñata. 

    If you’re able to resist the temptations of candy in the house, save it up to fill a pinata for the next birthday party you host.

    Create decorations. 

    Save the candy to decorate your holiday gingerbread house or to make Halloween decorations for next year

    Bring it to work. 

    Office break rooms are the black hole of food. Once you put that candy on the counter, it’s gone forever.

    Turn it into the dentist.

    Many dentists and orthodontists will give kids money for every pound of candy they turn in. Ask yours!

    Send it overseas. 

    Organizations like Operation Shoebox take donations that go to our servicemen and women around the world. Do you know of any local organizations that collect candy? Tell us about them in the comments!

    Save it for future rewards. 

    When your kids have earned a special treat, you’ll be happy to have a stash of candy at the ready.

    Pack it up. 

    Whether your family is facing a long day of travel or a weekend of soccer tournaments, you and your kids will appreciate a sweet pick me up to get through it. Interestingly, numerous studies have debunked the idea that sugar causes kids to be hyperactive. It’s the context in which they’re consuming sugary treats and our perception that it will make them bounce off the walls that leads us to blame the sugar, so you don’t have to be afraid of offering your little one a small pack of M&Ms on an airplane.

    Sneak in some learning.

    The blog Science20 has ten cool ideas for experimenting with Halloween candy or play easy and educational games with your little ones. 

    Save it for next year. 

    Store the candy in a cool dry place that’s out of your daily line of sight and that candy might just make it until next year!

    Got other clever uses for leftover Halloween candy? Share them in the comments!

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