What I Want My Kids to Know About Me


Before I was a mom, I was many things. I had lots of time for hobbies, hanging out with friends, and well, rest. As a mom, most days I feel like a hot mess, running to drop off, managing the household, working, pick-ups, and MORE.  It’s tough being a mom.

Recently, I found myself in a few “mommy meltdown moments.” Moments that I am not proud of but that I feel comfortable speaking about because I know that all moms can relate. We all have mommy moments we aren’t proud of: losing our temper, snapping at our toddler, you feel me…

But I wonder, what do my kids think about me? Do they see me as a constant stress-ball?

My older son told me the other day that I hurt his feelings. I had asked him to take off his shoes a thousand times, and by the last time, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t nice. But still, he does have feelings. He is learning to express his feelings, which is great, but does he just see me as a crazy lady who’s always yelling at him about his shoes?

I want my kids to see the real me, not only their tired, stressed out, busy mom.  I want them to know that I am not just a mom, but a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend, too.  I have passions, dreams, and goals.

  • I was a dancer, a beautiful dancer, and I still love to dance.
  • I love to cook and bake, and I would love to own a bakery.
  • I love theatre and studied acting for years in college and after college.
  • I am a singer. This gift has been passed down to me from my mother and grandmother.
  • I love science, studied microbiology, and worked as a physician assistant in surgery.
  • I love to travel and have been blessed to travel all over the world.
  • I love Florida Gator Football and have watched it with my family since I was a baby.
  • I am an entrepreneur and started my own business.

I want them to know me, the whole me.

Now let’s be real, these “mommy meltdowns” happen. But, I am really going to work on slowing down. I am more than just a mom, and I want to share the real me with my kids.

  • I will find more time for my hobbies, so that I can feel more whole.
  • I will sing and dance with my kids and take them to see live shows.
  • I will bake, make a mess, and play in the kitchen with my kids.
  • I will show my kids pictures of the world, talk about my travels with their daddy, and teach them about new cultures.
  • I will set an example for my kids when I’m working, teaching them hard works pays off and that you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • And let’s be honest- they already love Gator Football!

My kids make my life amazing, but they don’t define it. I am so much more, and I want my kids to know that.

What do you want your kids to know about you?



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