Valentine’s Gifts that Moms will Love


Lovely Dovey Gifts for A Sweet Valentine's Day in 2022

We’ve compiled a great selection of products, selected and tested by fellow moms,  for you to FALL BACK on this back-to-school season!

Be sure to include a couple or all of these gift ideas for the special people in your life. Moms share the good stuff!

1. Burke Williams Luxury Spa

Pick from three expertly crafted Valentine’s Day gift packages at California’s leading luxury day spa to give the ones you love a special wellness experience. The specially curated packages include a variety of signature Burke Williams treatments, including massage therapy, facials, and spa baths. Spoil her with the sweet embrace of a Burke Williams experience, guaranteed to rejuvenate!

Sweet Embrace — $265 (gift card value: $350)

  • 95-min. Pure Relaxation Massage or Spa Style Facial
  • Enhancement of Choice

Heartfelt Delights — $400 (gift card value: $540)

  • 80-min. Pure Relaxation Massage
  • 65-min. Spa Style Facial
  • Enhancement of Choice

Collection of Affection — $550 (gift card value: $735)

  • 80-min. Burke Williams Experience
  • 80-min. Regenerate Anti-Aging Facial
  • 20-min. Spa Bath

2. Protetta Luxury Trays

She’ll love keeping all her favorite trinkets in one spot with Protetta. Precious baubles look lovely on these luxe bone China hand-painted trays, inspired by the history, culture, and lifestyle of Italy. Let your loved one enjoy the sheer elegance of the pieces as a complement to their jewelry boxes.

3. Maysama Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Panel

Get this for your Valentine or bring this to your Galentine’s self-care night – the perfect way to try a new skincare addition! Maysama is an eco-conscious, science-backed skincare brand that combines the antioxidant power of Aspalathin-enriched green rooibos (unfermented leaves) serum with LED light therapy for improved outcomes for skin rejuvenation.

4. The Wine Opener

The Wine Opener is a successful mother-daughter-run business started by Mary and Sophie Leahy. Tired of battling corkscrews, they developed this innovative product to enjoy their evening glass of wine together. Constantly needing Sophie’s help to open a bottle of wine, Mary’s arthritis spurred the duo on to search online for a solution. Thus the lightweight, easy-to-use, rechargeable, gorgeous, and affordable wine opener was born.

5. Saje Wellness

Gift your Valentine the gift of wellness with Saje’s line of all-natural products to help soothe ailments, calm the mind, and invoke feelings of joy. We swear by their essential oils for bedtime and their Peppermint Halo roll-on to ease tension headaches. Keep them stocked at your love’s home spa!

Saje US – Free Shipping On All Orders $75!

6. Bloom & Rise Boxes

Love on the new moms in your life with intentionally created boxes for new moms and babies. The self-care boxes were created by therapists and moms so new moms could take a moment to enjoy the next stage in life. Not only will new parents love the gifts inside but, each box has a QR code to help lead parents to resources that are aligned with the box. Spread the love this Galentine’s Day with intentional gifts for the ones who need it most!

7. Yum Cha Teas

Always be prepared in case the morning brew has to be taken to-go (a.k.a.  drop off)! This stylish ceramic travel coffee/tea/anything you want to drink cup reads “MINE” and does it really need to be any more complicated than that when it comes to your daily fueling beverage? 2:45AM is an extension of Kaleidadope, which goes beyond stationery into unique designs for accessories, gifts, homes, and lifestyles. The new brand was born out of ideas that pop into your head in the middle of the night, a love letter to the magical epiphanies, and creative ideas that tend to come out of nowhere with no rhyme, reason, or sense of time.

8. SFBAM Conservation Gear

Champion for animal and nature conservation with SFBAM gear for the whole family! Featuring local Bay Area animals, fun animal facts (who isn’t fascinated by poo?), and local mama pride, our assortment of apparel and accessories is meant to be rocked loud and proud! What’s more, we have partnered with EcoDrive to plant one tree per item purchased! You can breathe easy with this haul.

9. Jelly Belly Squishi

This Valentine’s Day, indulge your loved one’s senses with the perfect blend of sweetness and squishiness with our scented Jelly Belly squishi toys! With a delightful fragrance and the irresistible charm of a jelly belly, it’s a gift that combines the joy of playfulness with the aromatic allure of love.

10. Aura Mason WiFi Digital Picture Frame

This digital frame is our new favorite go-to gift for loved ones far and near. It’s super easy to use and looks chic with any home interior.  We especially love the fact that you can make different galleries for different occasions, and you can add multiple users to contribute to a shared gallery. You can share the latest snaps so no one would miss a beat! For already printed photos and cherished artwork, there’s an in-app scanner and an AI-powered colorizer to rejuvenate those precious old family photos sitting in albums or boxes. You can even display your kids’ creative endeavors by scanning and proudly placing them into the frame’s rotation!

11. Softsie Aloe-infused Loungewear

Gift the ones you love uber soft loungewear for all ages that is infused with aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E! Mom-founded and 100% American-made, we melted into cuddles of an organic blend of modal/cotton – cozy yet breathable. Besides feeling like we’re wrapped in clouds all day, we also love the modern, gender-neutral colorways and prints for matching! This brand is also partnered with The Hope for Fertility Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers grants to couples undergoing fertility treatments.

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