Top Parent-Approved Toys and Gifts to Get a 10 Year Old Tween Boy


    Top Parent-Approved Toys and Gifts to Get a 10 Year Old Tween Boy

    Double digits. 10 is a true milestone age for our boys. For many, it is their last year in elementary school and they are leaving behind so much that is familiar to them. This age may be a headache for friends and family to shop for – will they think it’s too juvenile? Not cool enough for the pre-teen? Too edgy? Will their parents approve? 10-year-old boys are one of the hardest groups to shop for, even from their own parents. When it comes to toys and gifts that keep their interest, our moms picked out some great choices that match their tween timeline.

    10-year-old boys are starting to read more chapter books and move to solving more complex math problems. They crave friendships, activity, and sometimes quiet time. The need for interactive toys and games that align with what they are learning in school is more important. This is a time when you may really find yourself purging their rooms of childhood toys and making room for a whole new inventory of toys.

    1. Carnivorous Creatures

    The tween will lovingly garden over 6 types of ferociously cool carnivorous plants that are quick to sprout and guaranteed to grow. Bonus: they double as organic fly traps!

    2. Wizards and Werewolves – Glow in the Dark Tag

    Bring fantasy to your tween’s life with this magical outdoor game, where they can search for flowing crystals as a wizard or hut as a mighty werewolf.

    3. The Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot

    Your tween engineer can brush up his skills in physics, robotics, and gyroscopes with eight astonishing experiments to get a robot walking on a tightrope, a soft surface, and even their arm.

    4. Icee Machine and 4 Pack Syrup Set

    Give your tween the gift that’s the talk of their little league with this counter-top Icee Slushie Machine that creates create fab slushie treats with Cola, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Grape syrups.

    5. HD Action Camera – with Waterproof Case

    Get your active tween a full HD action video camera with 120-degree wide-angle and waterproof case for carrying or mounting on their helmet, skateboard, bike, or spaceship to record their outdoor feats and adventures!

    6. Adopt-a-Sloth – A Real One

    Is your tween an animal lover? Let them adopt and protect a real sloth with this life-changing kit by the Sloth Conservation Foundation and make a real difference in the animal kingdom!

    7. Vodiac – Epic VR Goggles

    Be the most tech-savvy person in your tween’s life by immersing them in VR adrenaline-filled experiences as well as relaxing views & sound!

    8. Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel with Motor

    Give the gift of hipster chic with a model of Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel biplane with a battery-powered propeller – originally made in the 1970s and as evergreen as ever!

    9. Monsters Factory – 13 Experiments

    Enrich your mad scientist’s home lab with the Monsters Factory hands-on 31-piece science experiment kit. Watch out for the hideous multi-eyed monster coming your way!

    10. Walkie Talkie Robot – Listens to Your Voice!

    This expressive robot companion glides over different home surfaces with the grace of a gazelle, and comes with a walkie-talkie remote control that lets you talk through its speakers!

    Editors Note: There are many research-based articles on the pros and cons of gender-specific toys, a topic that many parents are passionate about. In our toy series with our partner Wicked Uncle, we will be highlighting a specific age and gender, with a collective goal to provide a comprehensive list of quality toy choices based on developmental milestones. You will find as you look through the lists that our top choices are great for any gender. We encourage play and imagination at any age!


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