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We are leaving 2021 behind and have our fingers crossed for an amazing 2022! We have created a time capsule for you of our top 20 posts of 2021. We hope you find some of your favorites here, or perhaps you find a post you missed the first time around.

Let’s Countdown!

#20 Easy to Make Edible Flower Pudding Pot

We’re just going to let this ADORABLE video speak for itself! Follow along with our Master Baker Cathy and her son as he puts together a flower pudding pot.

#19 Boost Your Zoom Look with Stand-out Accessories

While it’s tempting to roll out of bed, tie a top knot, and throw on your favorite sweatshirt, you’ll feel a lot better if you treat your outfit like you are actually going somewhere. Here are some tips for looking and feeling your best in the virtual world…

#18 Why Dads Love Yoga

Dads do yoga! This may be a surprise because mostly moms do yoga. Women account for 72% of yoga practitioners and outnumber men 3 to 1. What brings dads to yoga and keeps them coming back?

#17 Masks in the Park

I realize that now is the time where I do have to pick my battles and show my children what we stand for and how to make the difficult choices. All I can say is that is is a new world for me, too and I’m taking it day by day.

#16 To My Shy Daughter

I save most of my worrying for my six-year-old daughter Hazel. Hazel is creative, highly intelligent, funny, loving and social. She is completely different from her little brother

#15 Ask the Psychiatrist: What Can I Do About Sibling Fighting?

Siblings. We love them, we hate them, we love to hate them. It’s hard to imagine not fighting with someone we live with day in and day out. It’s only natural. But I get many questions about how to prevent teasing and put an end to the constant arguing. Here are some suggestions to help your kids learn to spend more time getting along.

#14 If the Kids are in School, Am I Still a Stay-at-Home Mom or Am I Something Else Now?

As a stay-at-home mom whose only child recently started kindergarten, I find myself in a sort of identity crisis. I still stay home, but taking care of my two cats is hardly a full-time job.

#13 Do You Like Stand-up Comedy?

If you ask me, having a sense of humor is a skill and character trait at the same time. It shows that you have an interesting and thoughtful perspective on the ways of the world we live in and can share it with others well.

#12 Why Are Some Kids Thriving During Distance Learning?

Which camp do you fall into? Camp Deprive or Camp Thrive? Camp Crappy or Camp Happy?

#11 The Importance of Mental Breaks for the Whole Family

We did end the interview talking about ways in which we can help our children as they go from pandemic isolation into potential sensory overload when they are back in the classroom. You are sure to add some amazing tools to your parenting toolbox that will help your children with the transition.

#10 30 Social Media Acronyms Kids Are Using. Do You Know Them?

The Child Rescue Coalition has published the “30 Internet Acronyms All Parents Need to Know.” I can tell you that this momma only knew 1, 1! What is your score?

#9 Black History Month: Robin Wilson, Mom

This recipe means a lot to her. Not only because it is easy, but she can involve her child in making it and it has those pantry basics. While it is cooking, she is able to set her child up with an activity and she knows she can get in a quick bath and breathe for a few moments. And the reward of sharing a meal with her child that they both created sets them both up to be in the moment with one another.

#8 You Won’t be Ready for Your Parents to Age, but You Can be Prepared

That’s the text message I received from my mom late on a recent Friday night, and my heart sank. If she was texting, she was conscious, and most likely not bleeding from the head. But she’s in her 70s and lives alone and there were many other unpleasant scenarios and questions running through my mind (including, I’ll admit, “Who died?”).

#7 What is Toxic Masculinity? Asking for a Mom Raising Boys (Me)

Gone unchecked, I am in danger of perpetuating the cycle of toxic masculinity that I’ve come to understand as a cisgender women and mother. I refuse to pretend that I can somehow be above the concept by will alone. The work is in taking toxic masculinity apart as a concept.

#6 How to Decide if Building a Custom Home Is Right for You

With a custom build, we started with raw land and needed to employ at least five different consultants for a year to develop and permit our plans before construction actually began. It’s a time-consuming process, but it can also be so rewarding and fun.

#5 The Unique Value of the German Abitur Diploma

What would it mean to you if your child could have the opportunity to grow up as a bilingual, globally-minded student who was nurtured in a stimulating environment that offered them a dual diploma upon graduation? And one of those diplomas guaranteed direct admission to German universities tuition-free? That’s right, tuition-FREE.

#4 How My Husband and I Set Limits on His Video Game Use

The biggest lesson I have learned is the value of open communication. If video games are a problem in your house or boundaries are being ignored, don’t let the resentment build up. Talk about it and come up with solutions you both agree on.

#3 Everything People with Allergies Need to Know About COVID-19 & Its Vaccines

To gain a better understanding of the benefits and potential risks of the vaccines, we have sat down with world-renowned allergist and immunologist Dr. Sanjeev Jain, founder of Columbia Allergy, with some of our most pressing questions.

#2 An Interview with Erin Merryn; Mom, Wife, Author and Advocate

If you are unfamiliar with Erin, she was named Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year in 2012 and a People magazine Hero Among Us for her tireless work promoting Erin’s Law nationwide with a mission to our keep children safe by educating them about personal body safety.

#1 You Can be Desensitized to the COVID-19 Vaccine in 6 Hours

We have compiled the latest deets from our friends at Columbia Allergy regarding both matters and how you can take a proactive approach in staying safe and protected.

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