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While we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021 we wanted to create a time capsule of sorts. So we bring you the Top 20 of 2020. It is quite a statement on the year we have been through. We hope you find some of your favorites here, or perhaps you find a post you missed the first time around.

Let’s Countdown!

#20 Coming To Terms With COVID-19

“I went to bed one night in early March and when I woke up our entire world had changed. At first, I ignored the significance of it, dismissing it as someone else’s problem. That will never happen here, my husband and I reassured each other, with blind, ill-informed confidence. We shared that perspective because the alternative was terrifying.”

#19 My Baby’s Birth Injury

“I had a difficult delivery, with more than 20 hours in labor before being rushed in for an emergency C-section because my baby had a bigger head size and wouldn’t engage for a normal landing. But oh my, when he arrived on Christmas afternoon it was a sight to behold.”

#18 How To Prevent Compost From Smelling Bad

“Composting doesn’t have to get smelly with my one secret trick. I have found a way that not only keeps the stink away but it also keeps the fruit flies and bay and prevents water from collecting at the bottom of your pail. And the one thing you need to do it is completely free.”

#17 What Pregnant Women Need to Know About COVID-19

“If you’re expecting amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most comforting knowledge you can have is understanding how your birthing experience will unfold when you arrive at the hospital—and even in the days leading up to your delivery.”

#16 A Teacher Explains How To Homeschool Your Kids

“Teaching your kids at home doesn’t have to be scary. As a teacher, I have some tips that will help you figure out how to homeschool your kids amidst all of the coronavirus chaos, even if you have never done anything like it before.”

#15 Ambiance Keeps Its Personal Touch As It Adjusts to the Pandemic

“From my college days to working in an office to becoming a stay at home mom, Ambiance has always been one of my favorite spots to get a cute new outfit. Like other small businesses, Ambiance is doing its best to keep itself afloat through the pandemic.”

#14 How to Cope With Your Child’s COVID-Crazy Behavior

“It’s an understatement to say the past four months have been tumultuous as COVID-19, Shelter-in-Place, racial injustice, and school closures have wreaked havoc on our daily lives. While adults cope with this in certain ways (wine, chocolate, and crying in their car, anyone?), our kids have their own host of survival tactics as they process how drastically their lives have changed.”

#13 Keeping Your Family Healthy & Immune Building Tips Amidst COVID-19

“As a parent, you can’t help but worry about the safety of your children. So, it’s natural that as stories about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and recent cases in the San Francisco Bay Area come out, parents worry about whether their children could be at risk.”

#12 Adjusting To Life With Baby Number Two

“We added a second daughter to our family two weeks ago, and we are now settling into our new normal. Three things stand out to me, as we adjust to our new life as a family of four.”

#11 A Nurse’s View Into a COVID ICU

“Going inside a COVID-positive ICU room is not a trivial feat.  Once you gown up, and you’re in that room, you want to get everything done.  Nurses are responsible for not only the patient care and their safety but also the environment.”

#10 I Don’t Have a Mom Squad and I Don’t Feel Like I Need One

“I was never the kind of girl who was a part of a group of friends. I don’t have a named group chat. There are no girls’ trips. Instead, I have great friends all across the country but none of them really know each other. “

#9 12 Projects that Will Make You Feel Accomplished While Social Distancing

“We are all stuck at home social distancing, so why not complete some home projects? In fact, home projects will help you pass the time and fight cabin fever while giving you a sense of accomplishment that will help counter some of the anxiety you’re likely feeling.”

#8 The Incredible Resilience of Children

“A few weeks ago, I heard a school superintendent on the radio refer to children living through the 2020 pandemic as a “lost generation.” The phrase “lost generation” cut through me like a knife. I burst into tears, allowing myself to feel all of the grief I had been holding in for weeks. I sobbed for my children and for their peers.”

#7 The Pinwheel Phone, for Kids by Dads

“Odds are your young child has asked you for a smartphone. Have you given in? What were your rules for smartphone usage? Do you enforce those rules? The dads at Pinwheel were not happy with any of the smartphone choices they had for their 6 – 13 year old children.”

#6 Distance Learning Doesn’t Work for Young Children, But This Does

“If your child is too young to read a homework assignment or understand what it means to get homework, she is too young for distance learning. Rather than focusing on implementing distance learning for young children, school districts need to reallocate resources and focus on parent coaching.”

#5 A Robot That Does the Dishes? Yes Please to Incredible New Tech by Vici Robotics!

“We just heard about a robot that can do your dishes and all we want to know is more. As moms, we are always excited about new apps, gadgets and smart home devices to make our lives easier, and a chore-doing robot sounds like the jackpot!”

#4 What Does Social Distancing Mean For My Family?

“Here are my thoughts, based on information we have been sourcing from physicians here in the US, Italy, and China. These interventions are extreme, because, well, the current situation is extreme, and it calls for drastic measures.”

#3 Your COVID-19 Questions Answered by Dr. Julia Getzelman

“We sat down with Dr. Julia Getzelman from Getzwell Pediatrics to address some of the questions you have surrounding COVID-19 and how we can all pitch in to #FlattentheCurve and #StoptheSpread!”

#2 Is It OK That I’m Texting Your Husband?

“There were three of us in the email chain–myself, a fellow mom, and her husband–and she was ready to leave the conversation. She also included her husband’s cell phone number.”

AND #1 (fitting for 2020)

Your Oh Crap Potty Training Cheat Sheet

“When you’re already stuck at home, you might as well potty train your toddler right? I personally think there’s too much of a to-do about whether kids are “ready” and that it’s usually about whether the parents are ready! So if you have not potty trained yet, I recommend that you grab the chance to do it while we’re all sheltering in place.”

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