Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re the Second Kid

    1.  You can sleep ANYWHERE and through ANYTHING.  Your older sibling just got an instrument set, no problem.  You are used to them running around the house screaming while you peacefully nap anyway.  Need to nap at a soccer game, in the car, or during swimming lessons, (yup, you’ve been splashed while sleeping) no big deal.  As long as you have your lovie, you’re good!
    1.  You were out of the house at a restaurant (sitting outside at least) when you were 10 days old.  Mom and Dad are pros and don’t need to keep you locked up.  They asked the doctor at your first visit when they could take you out and about.  Unlike your older sibling who was quarantined for 3 months.
    1.  You’ve tapped into your earthquake emergency food. Yup. Sometimes when Mom and Dad are really busy, they forget to buy more formula.  Then, at midnight, when they realize they have no way of feeding you the next morning, they pull out the emergency earthquake formula stash.  
    1.  You got your first fever WAY earlier than your older sibling.  See number 9. Oh and your older sibling’s little friends love touching you.
    1.  You watched cartoons in the morning before you were 2 years old.  You love Paw Patrol and could hum the theme song before you could talk.
    1.  Your pacifiers, blankets, toys, anything that goes in your mouth really, has hit the ground and was given back to you due to the 5 second rule.  Unlike your older sibling where everything was immediately washed or thrown away.
    1.  You’ve sustained many “earthquakes” in your bouncy chair as your older sibling tried to “rock” you back to sleep.
    1.  You have sibling battle scars.  Although you know that your older sibling loves you, sometimes they aren’t as gentle as they could be.
    1.  You have the patience of a saint.  Mommy needs 5 more minutes to finish your older sibling’s bath or dinner or time out! That’s right. You have learned to wait a little longer through the toddler temper tantrums to have your diaper changed or your next feeding.
    1. You are strong!  You have continued to thrive even with the Second Kid Syndrome!  Here’s my second kid.  I think we are doing just fine!


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    Kelly migrated to San Francisco in 2009 after living in Chicago, Florida, and growing up in Texas. She is happy now to call the Bay Area her home. She is a licensed Physician Assistant and previously worked in OBGYN and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With the support of her husband and college sweetheart, Rob, she took a break from medicine to do something more creative! In addition to running San Francisco Moms Blog, Kelly is mommy to Mr. Gavin and Mr. Byron. She is happy to be the princess of the house! When she is not working or chasing her boys, she loves cooking, college football, and spending time and traveling with her family.


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