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As excited as we are to dive headfirst into 2020, we have to admit that 2019 was a year for the books. We are already getting a little nostalgic as we look back on the top 10 posts of last year. In case you missed any of these popular posts, now is the time to give them each a read!

childcare san francisco

Getting My Kids into Daycare Is Harder Than Admission to Harvard

I’ll admit I heard daycare horror stories when we first moved to SF. We were scared into believing that since we hadn’t spent hundreds of dollars on deposits before the twins were even conceived(!), we were basically already very behind. I assumed it was mostly hype and that, surely, when the time came, we’d find suitable… Continue Reading
baby playing alone with toys

How to Get Your Baby to Play Alone

While awaiting your firstborn, you may have visions of folding laundry or reading a book as your little one coos to himself a few feet away. Then reality hits and between feeding, changing, and doing strange acrobatics you’d never have expected to get this little guy to sleep, there’s no time for anything else. Our… Continue Reading
body confidence in swimsuits in after having kids

How to Psych Yourself Up to Wear the Dang Swimsuit

Before our kid-free vacation to Maui last month, I was a little panicked but probably not for the reasons you think. I mean, sure, I had a little anxiety about leaving the twins for six days with relative strangers (grandparents they only see a few times a year), but I was actually more worried about… Continue Reading
toddler watching television for his allotted screen time of the day

Screentime Is My Frenemy

I met up with a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a while for a playdate a few weeks ago. Right after our hello hugs I guiltily blurted out, “We watch TV now.” When my son first came along I was adamant about no screen time. I knew the statistics and the American Association of… Continue Reading
moms attending san francisco moms blog bloom event

BLOOM 2019 Recap

We sold out our annual Bloom event again this year and couldn’t be happier that we got to celebrate all things motherhood with so many new and expecting moms. We even had an expert mom of three tell us that she learned new things by attending. The world of pregnancy and babies changes fast, and… Continue Reading
extended breastfeeding, mom nursing her three year old son

Yes, I’m Still Breastfeeding My Three Year Old

I never thought I would still be breastfeeding my almost three-year-old. I started off with the intention of breastfeeding for a year or so, but here I am, nearly three years later. I was hoping that my son would just stop on his own accord. Based on what other moms told me, it would happen… Continue Reading
dieting woman waiting to eat

I Don’t Want to Be Skinny Because I Want My Life to Be Big

(We participate in Amazon’s Affiliate program.) When I was 13 years old I weighed 100 pounds (I’m 5’6”). I was, for a brief period, what people would call skinny. I counted calories, fat grams, and minutes exercised each day to make sure I ate what diet culture told me I should to lose weight. I… Continue Reading 
sapling forest school san francisco preschool

Why You Should Consider Forest School Instead of Traditional Preschool

This post is in partnership with Sapling Forest Preschool. My three-year-old daughter, Kiara, recently attended Sapling Forest Preschool, located in the Presidio. I cannot say enough good things about her experience and the wonderful staff. First, I would like to share with you what a Forest School is because it is quite different than traditional… Continue Reading
Mother working at home and caring for child

For Stay-at-Home Parents, Every Day Is Monday

More than once, I’ve had someone tell me that, for stay-at-home parents like me, every day is a Saturday. They’re implying that since I don’t work a “real job” I enjoy leisurely, unstructured days doing whatever I want. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I know this because, if I did work a “real… Continue Reading
unanswered questions in frozen

The Major Plot Hole in Frozen That I Hope the Sequel Finally Resolves

Back in 2017, I wrote about a plot hole in the Disney movie Frozen that no film critics or fan sites seemed to address. A recent post about the upcoming Frozen II premiere on November 22 reminded me that it would be fun to revisit my old article and update the end with a helpful reader’s theory about… Continue Reading
We can’t wait to roll out more thought-provoking and relatable articles in 2020!


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