Tips for Taking Your Child to Their First Pro Baseball Game


    Tips for Taking Your Child to Their First Pro Baseball Game

    Attending a live sporting event is one of the most thrilling experiences. But taking your young child to their first ballgame may trump that feeling. These tips for taking your child to their first pro baseball game should help everyone have a grand old time.

    Start Smaller To Test the Waters

    Before planning the perfect MLB ballpark experience, it would be beneficial to test the waters at a college or Minor League game. Tickets to those games are easily attainable at reasonable prices. Seeing how your kid reacts at one of those games gives you a general idea of whether they could handle McCovey’s Cove and the big lights or Oracle Park.

    Bring Along Engaging Material

    It’s wishful thinking to believe that your kids would behave themselves and watch a three-hour game without any interruptions. Ensure their happiness and your sanity by stocking up on the necessities they may need to pass the time during the game.

    If you want to keep your kids entertained in the park, bring along materials to keep them engaged. It’s challenging enough for an adult to stay attentive throughout the game, so it’s not fair to expect it from a younger child.

    Don’t forget to check the ballpark’s rules to see what you can and can’t bring into the park. If you are outside for a long time, you should bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and several materials to keep your kid happy and entertained.

    Find Good Seats

    If the only thing you can recognize about Brandon Crawford is the nice hair coming from his hat, your seats may need an upgrade. Children are more prone to show interest in something if it’s up close and personal. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drop thousands of dollars to be near the home dugout, but you should try to get the best seats possible.

    Let Them Feel Like They Are in the Game

    Unfortunately, your child can’t pick out a baseball bat and bring it to the game for safety reasons. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t wear a uniform and bring their glove to the park.

    Bringing one’s glove to the park might make a youngster feel like they are seconds away from stepping onto the diamond. Plus, you never know when a home run or foul ball will head their way. And although MLB added protective netting throughout ballparks, your child could use their glove to bat down or catch a screaming liner.

    Explore the Ballpark

    If the game is a snoozefest, you can get up and explore how beautiful the ballpark is. Going to a major league stadium is fun for more reasons than just watching the game. Exploring what’s in and around the ballpark is an experience of its own.

    Following these tips for taking your child to their first pro baseball game should make the experience as enjoyable for you as it will be for your kiddo. They may not remember who was on the mound or who hit a home run at the first game they went to, but your child will remember that you were the one who made the experience happen.


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