The Secret To Giving And Receiving The Best Gifts


    Do you agonize over the perfect gift? There’s a lot to unwrap with our Happiness Lab experts. 

    First things first, remember why we give gifts: we feel better when we give to others. However, people who get gifts don’t always appreciate the thought put into giving them. Seeing the recipient’s response is key because it draws you closer to the receiver, which satisfies a relational need.

    Here are a few secrets to satisfying gift-giving and receiving: 

    1. Give them what they want! Instead of guessing, and risking getting it wrong, which is extra deflating, get it right by asking them what they want. No surprise here: no one wants to pretend they love a present they don’t need. 

    2. If you are giving money…have a conversation about how you spent it to get the well-being boost on both sides. Including a card with a personalized note makes it all the more meaningful.

    3. The best gifts are shared experiences. Co-experiences like Family Yoga are ideal. Nothing can replace coming together. According to research, gifts of frequency are better than intensity. Spreading gifts out over time creates anticipation and ongoing connection. We need things to look forward to. 

    Ultimately, gift-giving and receiving are about listening. Life is better when you take the time to connect and respect what your partner, parents, and kiddos want. That’s why Santa’s List is so important and so helpful. Do drop heavy hints and give the gift of health and happiness this year.


    Got goals? Start the New Year right!


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