The Boob Reboot (No Surgery Required)


postpartum body bounces back after time

About two years after I had my second baby, I wrote a letter to my formerly big boobs thanking them for their service, admitting that I missed them, and coming to terms with my new post-baby shape. I was drained of energy from tending to two small children and my chest reflected that feeling by looking equally droopy and depressed.  

But, much like the ’90s at the moment, my boobs are having a reboot. They’re filling out my bra cups again and are actually looking a little perky. They’re not fully back to their pre-kid glory, but considering those girls were pretty unwieldy, I’m okay with that.  

Looking back, I think my boobs were signaling that my body was in no way ready to have another child. After delivering my babies sixteen months apart, they went into hiding, did their best to look as unattractive as possible, and basically told my husband and me that they were closed for business. 

I’m 36 years old now and have no desire to have another baby, but I think, based on my boobs, my body could. I thought I might be the only one to notice this kind of change because, hey, every body is different, but two of my girlfriends admitted that their boobs have rebooted, too— none of us has had extreme weight loss or gains over the years; they’re just back. My one friend always said she was saving up to get a boob job after she was done having kids, but since her reboot, she doesn’t need one. 

So, if you’re in the Tired Ta-Tas stage, take heart in knowing that your girls may not have abandoned you for good. Our bodies can do amazing things, and I’m pretty sure there’s no end to the surprises in sight.  

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Rebecca is the former Managing Editor for both Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog and San Francisco Moms Blog. She and her husband moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in 2008 and love raising their two children in the city. Rebecca worked for two Fortune 500 companies in a variety of HR roles before surprising everyone, including herself, and leaving her job to stay home with her kids. She's written for a variety of online parenting publications including Scary Mommy, Motherly, and YourTango, but promises that she can talk about non-parenting stuff in real life. Follow her on social media at @rlang165 and on


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