Super Mom Status: I Didn’t Make the Cut


super momSuper Mom


  1. The highest aspiration of motherhood. She sends her kids to school with a nutritious, homemade lunch that they (probably) eat without complaint. She makes almost everything else from scratch, too, like those cookies you munched on when you went over to her house for a playdate.  Her house is immaculate (do kids actually live here?). She handles her children like a freakin’ expert, and always looks her best, whether she’s heading off to work or spending the day at home. She probably gets to shower and poop in privacy, too. 

For those of us who didn’t make the cut as Super Mom, these women seem practically inhuman, but when did we get tricked into believing that to be a good mom we have to be a Super Mom?

We’ve become conditioned to constantly strive to outdo one another, to do it all, and do it all for our children. It’s become the norm to compete with each other in all areas of our lives, even motherhood.

The cost of reaching for Super Mom status is high. It uses up our energy and time and actually rips us away from spending quality time with our children. What are we teaching our children in our attempt to become a Super Mom? Our kids don’t care about or keep count of the things we’re judging ourselves for. They want and crave our undivided attention, which costs us nothing.

It’s time to rework our thinking and strive not to be more but to do less

When we honor and take time for ourselves, we become more patient with our kids, and we are healthier because we’re less stressed!

Motherhood is hard enough. We don’t need the extra stress or pressure from each other or from societal conditions.  All we must do is love and accept ourselves. In return, we will be more loving, available, and understanding for our children.  

I challenge you for one week to not strive to be Super Mom. Rather, focus on being Just Mom.  Be the mom whose laundry is waiting to be folded, whose dishes crowd the sink, and whose area rug is buried under a mound of toys. You may be surprised to find that you are just a little more patient with your kids, less stressed, happier and more fulfilled, which will all translate into a healthier life balance for you.

You’ll end up feeling super, after all!


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